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Learn to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

When was last time you did something for the first time? A question on a vintage slate blackboard

We, as humans, are creatures of habit and comfort.  We tend to be drawn to things that make us comfortable.  Comfortable is not always a good thing.  You can look all over the internet for sayings about comfort and you will find things like:

  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.
  • Great things never come from comfort zones

So then my question is this;

  • Why are we so drawn to something that we really shouldn’t be?
  • What are the kinds of things that we are avoiding when we are seeking our comfort zone?
  • Why do we crave it so much?
  • What is NOT there in that zone?
  • What are we avoiding by staying in that zone?

Well, I think like most things that we are drawn to, there is an element of familiar.  But there is also the biggest factor, no conflict.

We generally don’t like conflict.  I actually know people that seem to thrive in actual chaos.  Real chaos.  But most of us are trying to avoid that which is uncomfortable.  We eat the foods we know.  We go to the places that make us feel good.  We socialize with people that make us relax.  We avoid things that bring us pain.  We will do all sorts of things to avoid conflict and sometimes that is good, but sometimes it can really be harmful.

Think of what it would be like if we were never in places of discomfort.  Well, one of the very first things that we do as humans is cry.  We cry out of discomfort.  It’s cold and bright.  But the alternative is not great, so we are born.  But also think of that mother, the only way she begins the process of having a baby is because although uncomfortable for both her and the baby, there will be moments of both comfort and uncomfortable.  It doesn’t last forever, but it is part of the greatest thing ever, a new life.

If we were never made to be in the uncomfortable position of having a job interview, we would be faced with the uncomfortable position of being in the welfare system.  Not the best place to be.

If we never step out and say hi to that new person, we would all still be at home alone with no friends and no chance of making friends.

I could go on for a very long time about things that we have done in our lives that were way out of our comfort zone and we survived.  In fact, in most situations, we thrived.

As another saying goes;  Diamonds are created under pressure.

Don’t let me misguide you, I am the first person to hide away from things that make me uncomfortable, but it will certainly be in different ways than what makes you uncomfortable.  Each of us has our own zone of comfort and uncomfortable.  The key to all of this I believe is finding your zones and deciding which zones you want to stay in, which ones you want to avoid and which ones you will bounce in and out of.

For some of us, the idea of changing our food habits is a really big zone change.  When I started with a trainer years and years ago, I encouraged Doug to join me.  His only motivation was to do it so that he could continue to eat whatever he wanted.  The idea of changing his diet at that time was way too far out of range.  However, when we started 5 ½ years ago with Body by Brandt, both of our attitudes had changed.  We were now willing to do whatever it took to make our bodies healthy and it was food as well as activity that worked for us.  For some people, the idea of sweating is just gross.  Ok, I get that.  That personal funk we get after we sweat can be completely offensive.  It also can last way too long.  Some people think that exercise is just boring and therefore not going to happen.  I agree with that too.  It really can be.  Doug loves to hike.  He could walk forever.  I would rather run.

At the end of the day, we simply need to come to the realization that our comfort zone is actually not our goal.  Most of our days are not spent in the discomfort zone.  It is just a zone, neither good nor bad just there.  So, we need to find a way to tell ourselves that we need to spend some time each day in that discomfort zone.  Not all day, just some of our day.

Your discomfort zone may not look the same as your friend’s, spouse’s, kid’s.  It needs to be where you need to do some challenging things.

Your zone may be;

  • better food choices,
  • time in the gym,
  • time reading,
  • time meditating,
  • joining a team or club,
  • or any number of things.

The thing about making this choice is that once you decide to do something uncomfortable, it is already a little less scary.

I will let you in on my uncomfort zone.  I am really uncomfortable in front a camera.  I am overly critical and judge myself way too harshly.  So now that you know that, guess what I have been trying to do?  I am working on overcoming this.  I am getting ready to start to produce a series of videos for you.  We are learning so much about ways to keep you excited about what we are doing and it seems like we can reach more people by being in front of the camera doing videos.

So as you go forward this week, make a commitment to find a new zone and go there.  You don’t have to live there, just visit until it isn’t so bad and at that time you will find a new challenge to overcome.  You will find that doing what challenges you will actually make you feel way better.


I want to challenge you today to get out of your comfort zone. You have so much incredible potential on the inside. God has put gifts and talents in you that you probably don't know anything about. – Joel Osteen

10 High-Fat Foods You Should Be Eating More Of, According To Nutritionists


As with most things that are studied in labs all over the world, we are learning so much more about food and especially, in this case, fat.   

The more we study the food we eat, the more we will learn why we eat what we do but more importantly, we will learn what our bodies do with the food we eat.  We still need to remember that moderation is key.  But we also know more than ever that we require a wide variety of foods to properly fuel our bodies and keep them functioning at their best.  When we take things out of our diet, we must stop and look at what nutrients we are now doing without, but also, what we are putting into our bodies as a replacement.

The 10 High-fat foods listed in this article are;


This list is not meant to say go ahead and eat all the fat you can, it is saying that we can’t live without fat, so make it healthy fat.

Below is the article with the details about each food listed.

It is Not Hard But it is Work


Working from home is sometimes just a little complicated.  It is also hard to explain to people who have never thought about Not working for someone else.

When you have a ‘normal’ job you are told where to be, when to be there, what to do, and when to go home.  You are given a title, a job description, and a level of understanding of what is expected of you.  You get to show up, do your thing, and go home.  Working for yourself is nothing like that.  

  • If you decide to sleep for the day, you can.  Although you will pay for that.  
  • If you decide to just sleep in, you can.  Although you may need to work into the evening when everyone else is doing something else.  
  • If you decide to go to the beach instead of working, you can.  Although when everyone else is at the beach, you may be in front of your computer.  
  • If you decide to not submit your invoices this week, you can.  Although you won't get paid.

Working on your own health is very similar to working on your own business.  You have the ultimate control over what you eat and what you do in your day.  Although it will come at a price.  This is one of those ‘grass is always greener’ things.  

  • Some people can eat just about anything and they are never overweight.  
  • Some people never exercise and yet they wear the size you are trying desperately to get into.  
  • Some people think about sugar or carbs, and they gain a little weight and some people start a walking routine that resembles a stroll in the park and they start to slim down.  

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is nothing you or I can do about that.  

There is always a price to pay for your actions or non-actions.  Just as you try hard to be your own boss because the freedom seems so appealing, and it is, there is still work to be done.  Also, if you want to live a  healthier lifestyle that seems so effortless, it really is not.

The comparison between working from home and working on a healthy lifestyle is really not that different.  The truth for both things is that it is not hard, but it is work.  

  • First things first, you are the only you out there, so stop comparing yourself to others.

I have a terrible habit of looking at the other girls at the gym and grumbling to myself and whining to myself ‘ why can’t I look like that”.  Then I just stop remember; I am old enough to be their mother, I have had three big babies, I had over 20 years of bad eating habits to correct, and I have already come a long way.

  • Second, you never know what other people are actually dealing with.  You have no idea what kind of health issues they have just like they don’t know your health background.
  • Third, you don’t know where other people are on their journey.  They may be actually looking at you and seeing an inspiration and you will never know that.
  • Fourth, everyone has had a starting point, a middle place, a setback, a plateau, and a do-over, but you just don’t know where they are.

Working toward your goal is all that is important.  If your focus is your diet, other people won’t see that until you are eating with them.  Just like other people don’t see the hours you will put into your business while they are working at their own job.  Putting time in the gym, trails, pool, yoga class, or wherever you sweat, is what works for you and helps you stay moving toward your goal.  Keep in mind that we are talking about your goals, not theirs.

As the old saying goes: anything worth having is worth working for, so put in the work, put in the effort, put in the time, put in the discipline, put in whatever it takes because in the end the work will pay off and it will all be worth it.  

It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things. – Theodore Roosevelt


Ok, You Gained Weight. These 5 Tips Will Get You Back On Track



So, I subscribe to lots of things.  I receive a lot of emails and I have to admit that I don’t actually read all of them.  

I think most of us are that way.  We say yes, we would like to get your email, then we never take the time to read them.  However, I get some of them just so that I can do some research and get ideas about what people are talking about and then my blog posts are relevant to what you all want.  So when this email popped into my inbox, it made me stop and look.  Ooh, the power of a good headline.  At first, I thought, this is nothing new, I have seen this everywhere and then it occurred to me, but do people still need this info?  And haven’t I written about this before?  The answer is yes to both.  We all are still looking for help and yes I have actually talked about this.

In today’s post, I will include the link for the article as I saw it online but I am going to show you where we have talked about this too.

It confirms to me that we are all on the same page, we are all seeking similar advice and we have come here to our little site and we truly are giving you the answers that you are seeking.


This is the abridged version with the main points and where to find them on our blog:

Our blog posts will be first, then theirs.

 Whether you are starting your weight loss journey, finding yourself in the middle of the struggle or working on maintenance, here are tips to keep you on track:  



  • This was one of my first posts to you.  Still true, two years later.  Start small, just start.

You gained weight…it’s a bummer, but you can’t harp on it: move forward. Stop saying “tomorrow will be the day I start.” Once you start you are closer to finishing. Most people love that post workout high, but the toughest part is starting that workout. On days I don’t want to work out, I tell myself to just do a little cardio. I get on the elliptical and push myself to the 5-minute mark, and I know I’m halfway there. Since I’m already in the gym and sweaty, it’s easier to talk myself into 10 minutes of strength moves, too. Some days 20–30 minutes is enough.

Apply the same philosophy to food and goal setting. Instead of focusing on the 80 total pounds you want to lose, put your energy towards the five pounds you can realistically lose in April.

The most exciting part is if you’ve fallen off the wagon completely, taking a few small steps typically results in changes pretty quickly.



  • Guilt should not even be a thing, we are human, we make mistakes, but moving on is easier said than done.  BUT, moving on is a must do!

It’s easy to feel ashamed, guilty and embarrassed if you’ve gained or regained weight. Weight gain happens, so shift your focus from the past and set your sights on the concrete actions you can take to move forward.

So quit beating yourself up over that cup of ice cream you ate late last night, instead focus on what you are going to do tonight. Have a banana, greek yogurt or string cheese on hand just in case that nighttime hunger strikes again.

Make attainable goals and celebrate yourself when you’ve hit them – strive for progress, not perfection. If you are struggling with intense feelings of shame and guilt this next tip might be especially helpful.



  • We see a mechanic, a plumber, a hairdresser, why not someone to help us with our healthy, preventative life?

Whether it’s a personal trainer, nutritionist, medical doctor or therapist, it can help to have someone holding you accountable. Depending on your situation, it can also help to sit down with a professional to unpack why you may have gained the weight in the first place and what you should be doing to make a change that sticks. If you have preexisting conditions, are trying to lose more than 100 pounds or have a BMI of 40 or greater, consulting a doctor ensures you are embarking on the plan that is best for your health.

For me, getting back on track after surgery required checking in with my physical therapist and surgeon about my game plan. It was important to learn what exercises were off limits for the moment and which I’d have to modify or avoid long term (I won’t be running any marathons or doing deep jump squats anytime soon and that’s ok).



  • Food is way too important to leave it to last minute choices.  Because we will always make poor choices when we are hungry.

It’s always helpful to plan out your meals when you first start to prevent you from falling back into old bad habits. Personally, I love to cook (plus, cooking at home saves money) and incorporate as many veggies as possible into every meal (even breakfast). If your schedule isn’t conducive to meal planning and getting groceries in advance, try a meal delivery service. My friend signed up for a paleo food delivery service to jumpstart her weight loss plan.



  • We are not supposed to do life alone, don’t.  It’s time to buddy up!

Tell your family and friends you are working on your weight-loss goals. They may want to join you, and even do a challenge together. Your family can also create an environment that’s more hospitable to your goals by keeping junk food out of sight or better yet, not bringing unhealthy food into the home in the first place. Sometimes it just helps to have someone to vent to.

Weight gain happens and weight loss is hard work, so don’t give up or feel defeated if you are struggling: You’ve got this and you are not alone.


This is the blog in my inbox if you want to see the whole thing.