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Random Act of Being Human


So, I am sitting at my computer, I have the right lighting, have the right music playing, have my water, all in the world is set for me to write a good blog piece and then finger to keyboard and ………

Some days are just like that.  Even in the gym.  The best of intentions.  The plans are well made.  No distractions are left in the way and yet …….

So I turned to the ominous Facebook.  That for me can be my biggest distraction.  Usually, as I try to write something clever I have to turn it off.  It is just too tempting. But today that is where my inspiration came from.  We all have those random sites that pop right into a video and get you sucked into watching them.  Some are crazy adventure stuff, some are cute animal or kid faces, but the one that got me hooked today was one about a simple act of kindness.  

This idea is not lost on me.  I have been hooked on doing things for others in terms of volunteering all my life.  The first thing that I can remember volunteering for was as school crossing guard.  I was in elementary school and I had to run home for my own lunch super fast, eat like an animal and run back so that I could stand in the street and stop cars for the smaller kids at school that also went home for lunch.  By today’s standards, that is odd.  First, nobody goes home for lunch anymore, second an adult would do it today, and also there were no reflective vests worn just a stop sign on a stick.  I loved doing it.  I got to hold that cool sign,  and at the end of the year, I got a great badge for my jacket, that I still have btw.  

The video that I got caught up in, was one of setting up people to do decent things to other people.  Help a lady with her bags up a flight of stairs, pick up someone’s groceries that have been knocked down, wake a passenger on a train so that he doesn’t miss his stop.  The video then erupts in song, making the ‘good deed doer’ feel good. Nice!  A chorus of appreciation when you do something so simple.  That was the point.  

But why does this touch me?  

Why does this make me melt inside?  

I think it’s because we are bombarded with so much negativity that the simple act of kindness seems special.  

Wow, has our society changed, or has it?

I truly believe that just because it is on the internet, that makes it special somehow.  Whether it’s a good special or bad, because so many people see it, somehow that makes it special.  It shouldn’t be that way.  People do amazing things every day and nobody takes notice and that is ok.  We should be doing things for others on a regular basis and not looking around for a chorus of thank you’s.  It's called being human.  Doing the decent thing.  We should not have to go out of our way to make somebody else’s day just a little better.  Let’s face it, in this day and age it really doesn’t take much to make another person smile.  

  • Just hold the door,
  • say thank you,
  • let someone else in the line before you,
  • offer your seat,
  • the list is actually endless.  
  • Yet, these simple acts of being human, appear special.

I am going to challenge you, be human for a while.  Do the little things.  Even if the person is rude in return.  Even if the person doesn’t seem to notice.  Even if the person expects it, you just don’t know what is going on in their world, their minds, or lives.  Do it anyway.  Do it because it is the right thing to do.  Do it because it makes you feel good.  Do it because of how it makes you feel when someone does it for you.  Do it for when you need to be uplifted and someone does it for you.  Do it just to be human.  Be kind.  It will change the world, one small act at a time.


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop

How To Prepare Your Skin For the Summer and The Heat!


This is a great article to use as a foundation for skin care.  

Although it is written with one specific merchant in mind, the principles are there and are totally valid.  Let’s face it, we all need to take better care of our largest organ.  With summer heat right around the corner, spend a few minutes thinking about your skin.  It is going to be out there in the open for the next few months for all to see and for you to get it healthy.



Does Beer Offer Health Benefits?


OK, so this post, like the one that I posted on Sex, should be one of my husband’s favorite topics.

 It is not surprising that beer has health benefits, after all, it has been around for centuries and the chemicals that we fill our food and drink with these days has not been around that long. So, if its foundation is ‘real food’, then it must be good for you.


Like everything else that tastes this good, moderation is the key and this article does in no way give you permission to sit in the local pub and consume “healthy drink”  all day.


We are lucky to live in an area where micro-brew beers are in abundance and if you are a fan of the small batch brews, you are more likely to get even more health benefits than the mass produced beer.


So, cheers!!! ENJOY



29 Hikes to do in Your Neighbourhood in Metro Vancouver


We are extremely blessed to live where we do.

Metro Vancouver is a little wet from time to time, but it is rarely too hot or too cold to go outside.  As long as you can find a way to either stay dry or manage the wet, GO OUTSIDE.

There are a lot of places where going outside to exercise is a seasonal event.  There are so many places where when winter hits, it's just too tough to go for a hike,it's just too cold or too much snow.  Then there are the parts of the country where it actually gets too hot in the depths of summer.  We are in a very moderate climate and we choose to be outside as much as we can.  This list is a great help for our part of the world, but if you are not as lucky as we are to live here, either come for a visit or find a similar list for your area.  Believe me, these lists are not very hard to find.  Then when you do find your list, get at it.  and just do it.