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Easy Healthy Blueberry Pancakes


This week one of the days was National Blueberry Pancake Day. Who doesn’t love that!!

Over the years, we have made a lot of pancakes. When the kids were little, I made them several times a week. I have made so many different kinds too. But their fave was when I would colour them. They would always ask for different colours and then play a game of “I told you so” when somebody guessed the colour of the day.

I have always love to bake, so making pancakes was really easy for me. When we used to go camping, I would break down and buy a box of pancake mix, simply because it was easier to pack and left more room in the cooler. The best pancake moments were when we would have pancakes for dinner. When the dollar needed to be stretched a little, breakfast for dinner was a huge hit. They would dance like they had won the lottery. When I was a kid, we would have really special pancakes. Mom would make crepes and we would sprinkle sugar and lemon juice on them, roll them up, and eat them. So good.

We still eat pancakes, although not nearly as often. We are way more conscience of our carb intake, but it still is a special treat. But this recipe is worth it. It is truly simple and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. The best part is that you can truly make these quickly.

We have made these and they are really easy and we loved how they tasted.  Give them a try and let us know what you think.

Blueberry Pancakes

Having Obese Parents


I had no idea that my parents were obese…

A few years ago, I found a folder on my kitchen table containing information about Dean & Leigh Brandt and their gym, Body by Brandt. In that moment it seemed like a silly idea for my parents to pay money to have trainers come to our house for our home gym. Now, my mom had worked out with a friend years before, but that was just an off and on thing…I knew something was different about this folder.

My parents came downstairs and told me their idea of hiring this married couple to come to our house and train them. We had all the equipment…but it had been collecting dust from time to time so it did make sense to do it in the comfort of our own home. Every morning they had planned for them to come over, either a hot ‘supermodel’ or her buff husband would be in my basement training my parents as I got ready for school. A year went by and it was just routine. Soon enough, my parents were starting to look different and we were eating different as a family. My mom taught my brother, sister and I to eat proper and balanced growing up but things such as lean turkey, chicken, and God forbid…fish were becoming more frequent in our meals.

Year after year I could see my parents physically changing, but it didn’t stop there. I could see how much happier they were! With themselves and each other. They are the dynamic duo ­ supporting, pushing, and believing in each other. They started getting me involved and teaching me a trick or two about kettlebells and squats. Now we are all on ‘MyFitnessPal’ and ‘MapmyFitness’ tracking and living healthy lifestyles together.

mr. and mrs. morneauNext thing you know, my dad has dropped 50+ lbs, my mom dropped 30+ lbs, and now I have even officially dropped 20 lbs thanks to them and my Metaboliq shakes.

I am so happy to see my parents so passionate about something so incredibly meaningful that only they could change for themselves in their lives. It inspires me everyday. We are stronger now as a family than we ever were.

A huge thank you to Dean & Leigh Brandt for believing in my parents and sticking with them over these 4 years. Because of you, you saved the life of my dad on his deathbed and made my mom happy and hotter than me!

14 Fad Diets You Should Absolutely Never Try


Fad diets have been around for a long time. We, as a species, will generally eat more than we need then, proceed to do the ridiculous to get rid of the excess.

OMG, we are so dumb sometimes.

Fortunately, most of us know better, but others don’t. The really sad part of this terrible tragedy is that somebody will make money from other people’s desperation and some people will get really sick or die.

Please read the following article with amusement and entertainment and please, please, please don’t do any of these crazy plans.

14 Worst Fad Diets

Comment below the craziest diet you have tried or a friend has tried.

Let’s Go Shopping


I am so happy to let you all know that we have a store on our site. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but we do.

When we launched Q4fit.com, our purpose was to share what we have learned and are continuing to learn about all sorts of things in our growth of knowledge in health and wellness. One of the things we want to share with you are products that we love and have used.

As a kid we used to play store all the time. We had a mostly unfinished basement and I had three sisters. It was the perfect combination for creating a society of shoppers. We would each pick a room in the basement, decide what we would sell, make money and by the time we were ready to actually visit each others stores, it was time for dinner. We spent the whole time setting things up and we rarely went shopping. In the summer, we made our stores outside in the trees. Using sheets, blankets, and clothespins. Stores were built, money was rocks, leaves and pine cones. But again, we rarely went to each other businesses, unless of course Mom brought out snacks to somebody’s store.

I have worked in retail, in several aspects of it, from part time sales right out of high school, management of a retail store, merchandising, pulling and picking orders in a warehouse for retail, and even worked a little fast food. My kids have all had their time in retail too. It seems like a part of growing up. You need to give it a try at least once, but this is now a new way to have your store. I get to tell you about it, show you what we like and then you get to shop, without going anywhere.

We have broken our store into sections; Beauty, Health, Weightloss, Fashion, and Tools, to hopefully make things easier to find. We have tried a wide variety of brands to show you; Qivana, Columbia Wear, Withings, and Wahoo. We have spent a lot of time, just like as a kid, setting things up, so that you can find things and shop with ease. We have chosen items that you will like as much as we do.

We are working to add more items as we have access to more brands and that we get to try out. If an item doesn’t fit our way of thinking or the company does not have a good reputation, we won’t be excited about sharing it with you. As with stores in the mall, there are some where I simply won’t shop because either I don’t like their staff, morals, or service is poor. Hopefully we can surpass your expectations and you will enjoy shopping with us.

Also, please let us know if there is something you would like to see us add to our store. We would love to hear from you.

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. Bo Derek