August 27, 2015

What Language Do You Speak

So as I sit each week to plan my blog posts, I have a day of brainstorming/research. I try to sit alone, in a cozy, undisturbed place. […]
August 25, 2015

Snacks and Obesity

I often get asked what are the best snacks. The questioner is generally expecting me to give the obvious answer – to use low carb almonds […]
August 20, 2015

Calories, What Are They And Why Should We Care?

There has been much debate over the last few years whether you should or shouldn’t count your calories if you are trying to lose weight. Let’s […]
August 18, 2015

The Social Media Trainer

“There’s a thousand different ways to skin a cat.” Social media is the most powerful tool for sharing knowledge. Learning how to exercise is as easy […]