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Breakfast to Energize Your Day


The importance of breakfast is a principle of nutrition taught to children.

If you want to perform well in school you need a good breakfast, and children who skip breakfast often have low energy, poor attention, and reduced performance. The problem was low blood sugar. Nutritionists thought the solution was eating carbohydrates. This led to breakfasts that were high carbohydrate and low protein such as cereal and OJ or even donuts and pastries. Carbs became a staple for the American breakfast.

As the science of nutrition evolved we learned more about how the body uses protein, carbohydrates and fats, and our concepts about meals changed. We now know that the best way to stabilize blood sugar for children – and adults – is eating fewer carbs and more protein. Carbohydrates can give you a quick burst of energy, they but also lead to a big insulin response that causes a drop in blood sugar in about two hours. This drop in blood sugar saps your energy and leads to snacking. If you’re young, exercise daily, and have normal body weight, you may be able to tolerate a higher carbohydrate diet and snacks, but for most adults, high-­carb breakfasts and snacks lead to weight gain and unwanted body fat. It’s time for a new breakfast.

When you wake up, it’s likely you have been without food for about 12 hours. Your body is burning fat – which is great – but also breaking down your lean tissues including muscle and bone. What you eat at the first meal determines how your body burns fat and protects itself for the rest of the day. Breakfast determines your metabolic pattern. If the first meal is high in carbs and low in protein, the rush of insulin shifts your body from burning fats to storing fat and even converting the carbs you eat into new fat. Lack of adequate protein at breakfast also leaves your body breaking down lean tissues. The ideal breakfast contains protein, carbohydrate, and fat with the balance of protein and carbs being the critical parts. The METABOLIQ Lifestyle is designed to create the right balance.

Dr. Donald K. Layman Qivana, CSO
Dr. Donald K. Layman
Qivana, CSO

Let’s consider breakfast for three different adults: 1) an individual wanting to lose weight, 2) an adult maintaining weight, and 3) any adult with morning exercise.

1.) An adult trying to lose weight must be careful with diet choices. Any mistakes at breakfast and you’re likely to be hungry, tired, and unsuccessful with weight loss. Breakfast should contain at least 30 grams of protein and less than 40 grams of carbohydrates. The METABOLIQ Shake is a complete meal replacement with an ideal balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. The protein is an optimal blend to energize your muscles, the carbs are selected provide energy but minimize insulin, and the fats are rapidly burned for energy.

The Shake can be mixed with water or milk to allow you to get the right amount of calories for your weight loss. The Shake mixed with water provides 220 calories. Mix it with 4 oz. of water and 4 oz. of 1 % milk for 270 calories, or 8 oz. of 2% milk for 340 calories. The Shake can be mixed with soy milk if you like, but avoid almond or rice milks that add a lot of carbs with very little protein. Select the calories you need so that you’re not hungry before lunch and lose weight. If you feel hungry during morning, then you need more calories at breakfast.

2.) An adult maintaining weight has a little more flexibility with calories and can mix the Shake in 2% milk or even Kefir (read the label to avoid extra sugars).

3.) Morning exercise means you need to adjust your meal timing. If your exercise is low intensity, like walking, then have the Shake whenever you wish before or after exercise. However, if your exercise is higher intensity running, you should save the Shake until after your work out. Contrary to advice of some trainers, there is no advantage to having protein before exercise, but there is a lot of benefit to having protein after exercise. If you need something before exercise, I recommend a light combination of carbohydrates and protein such as toast and an egg or maybe a whole grain cereal with milk. Keep the calories low and use whatever makes you feel comfortable. The purpose of food before exercise is to maintain your energy during the exercise. If your goal is to lose weight and reduce body fat, then eating nothing is best. You may feel tired for a couple of weeks while you adjust to burning just fat during your exercise but you will adapt and ultimately burn a lot more body fat. If you want the Shake before exercise, you should finish it at least 2 hours before beginning your work out. Drink the Shake during the first hour after exercise to accelerate recovery and maximize the benefits of the training.

Getting breakfast right will energize your metabolism for the day and make you feel great.


For your health,

Dr. Donald K. Layman

Qivana, CSO

Dr. Donald K. Layman, Ph.D is Professor Emeritus of Nutrition in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois. With more than 33 years of teaching and research experience, Dr. Layman has numerous awards and recognitions, including awards from the American Society for Nutritional Sciences, the National Institutes of Health and the Nutrition and Metabolism Society.


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Little Rewards Make Big Difference


As we head out on a journey of change we know that there will be some things that we look
forward to in the process. We look forward to the first person that says, ‘Hey, have you lost
weight?’ Let’s face it, even if we haven’t been trying and we want to lose a few, that is the
biggest compliment we can receive. How does that little compliment become so huge? Part
of it is that somebody else has taken the time to think about you instead of themselves.

Ok, you have done really well. You have lost the first magic 10lbs. You have noticed that
your jeans aren’t quite so tight. Maybe even lost 20+lbs. Wow,amazing! Believe me I know
how hard even the little amounts are, so milestones are huge.

Is there a way to get that same feeling without going fishing for compliments?

Some people will…

Post every time they go to the gym.
Take pictures of their food.
Go on mini rants on Facebook.

But, I think it is more important to get that good feeling from within.

There is one thing that you probably have not really thought about….
Something that you probably don’t really care about, nobody else will notice…
Cheap and cheerful have always worked in the past so…..


Yup undies. Most women are critical about men and theirs. Its old, stained, hanging by a
thread, has too many stories with each pair and the same kind their mom’s bought them in
high school. But what about yours??

Most of us, yes me included, hate buying undies, almost as much as buying a bathing suit.

But do it anyway!!

Here’s why;

1. Your undies are probably old, so just do it. They should actually have an expiry date
on them.

2. As we age, our body changes shape. It just does, its biology. So what you wore
before you had kids, just doesn’t work anymore.

3. If you have lost any weight, now or before, you know that although we want it to
come off of our tummy, butt, thighs, it will come off of our girls. Yup, its true.

4. Most women either have never been fit properly or at all for the right size bra, and are
wearing the wrong size simply because they have not been properly measured.

5. If your girls are up where they are supposed to be, at any age, you will look slimmer.
When your bra is letting the girls swing low, it tends to look like just another roll on
your tummy. So let them sit up where they belong…above your waist.

6. Most panty lines or muffin tops are created because your panties just don’t fit

7. Like most things, it’s the foundation that makes the most difference. That applies to
what you wear too, foundation wear should matter, if only to you.

8. When you are having a down day, put on a cute set of undies. Underneath it all, you
will feel pretty. Each time you head into the ladies room, you will be reminded of how
cute they are and you will feel just a little better, and even in a little way, achieved
that good feeling you were hoping for.

And besides

“Do you have on clean underwear? You never know what may happen”

The Cost of Change

The Cost of Change

Change doesn’t have to be expensive

There are a lot of reasons or excuses why people who want to make a change don’t. Today
I would like to address just one. Money.

It doesn’t seem to matter what you want to change but people always tend to think that it will
cost money. Well sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes you just need to
change where and how you spend the money that you do have.

Most people are just afraid of the unknown. What if what I want to do is just too expensive.
What if I start something and the price changes and I can’t afford the ‘new’ price.

First of all you need to decide if there is any room in your budget for a little wiggle room or
are you just using money as another excuse. Let’s face it, you can use money as an excuse
for a long time because everyone complains that money is an issue and nobody else knows
how much money you really have. Come clean, if you want change, don’t let the money
stand in your way.

There are a whole lot of things that will cost a lot of money and then, yup, make money your
vice. For example surgery, getting your stomach stapled is not cheap, fat camps, any kind
of retreat is expensive, hypnotherapy, there is a continued cost and a lot of unknowns,
weightloss counsellors, again on going financing for as long as the counselor gives you help,
gym memberships, these can be costly when you are committed to several years and then
you stop going but must keep paying and finally prepackaged eating plans, you MUST buy
their food, not usually cheap.

Now, for some people, these options are the exact thing that they need. I am not an
advocate for one size fits all, EVER. People need to do what works for them, so sometimes
there needs to be some testing done. Figure out what you love and what you hate. Start
there. Eliminate the obvious for you. Don’t commit to a gym membership if your doctors
says you are not ready for that. Don’t commit to regular meeting of any kind if you schedule
is all over the map. Spend some time looking at where you can spend some time and some
money. (this last sentence repeats itself)

In the meantime here are some tips for getting started without draining the bank account.

  1. Move, that's it, move. Most of us simply don’t move enough in the day. Walk around
    the office a little. Take the stairs, don’t run them…yet, just use them. Park a couple
    of rows back at the mall. There is a lot more room to park in the outer circle anyway.
    Anywhere there is an option for moving instead of standing or sitting take it.
  2. Use smaller dinner plates. Seems simple but we, as a society, have got used to
    filling our plates and we don’t stop eating until they are empty. We don’t pay
    attention if we are full or not, just whether the plate is done.
  3. Drink water. Generally we are all a little dehydrated. We have gotten used to that
    feeling and don’t recognize that if we had a little more water in our bodies, we would
    have more energy and feel better. Also, our stomachs are only so big, if its full of
    water, then we are less likely to fill it with more food.
  4. There are a few FREE apps that we like to use too. Free is always good if you
    actually use them. For tracking your movement, we use Mapmyfitness. It is simple.
    Can be used on your phone, computer, talks to other programs and has a lot of extra
    info. For your food we like MyfitnessPal. Again, simple, has multiple platforms, and
    has a lot of food already listed in its huge list of food. It also has a lot of restaurant
    foods to choose from and even has a UPC reader so that you can even add your
    own store brand.
  5. Check out your local rec centre. There are a lot of drop in programs with a very
    broad range of things to do. They range from boot camps, gyms with equipment,
    dance classes, lots have pools with classes. In the winter, they are the place to go
    basketball, volleyball, ball hockey, taekwondo, yoga and on and on.
  6. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for health and fitness tips. There are a lot of
    groups that although they want you to purchase their product, will give you free
    exercise routines. Why not use them. Get as many as you can, customize them to
    your level, space, time, equipment, until you have mastered them and are ready for
    more advanced stuff.
  7. Pick up a magazine. There are so many to choose from. Pick one, read it from
    cover to cover. If you like it, go get the next month, if not, try again. You could
    probably do this for a year without running out of options.
  8. Look for a Meetup in your area. Meetups are groups that meet and serve a lot of
    purposes. They are in most communities and groups range from purely social
    groups like board gaming, pet lovers, to business groups, podcasters, to golfers,
    runners, yoga groups, and so many more. They are designed to be local to where
    you are and there is usually no commitment of time or money.
  9. Realize that most junk food is overpriced. I have heard too many times that eating
    healthy is too expensive. It can be if you are going to the extremes, but it doesn’t
    have to be. Skim milk is no more expensive than whole. A bag of apples…how
    much does that cost compared to that bag of chips, and when you are done, how do
    you feel. Keep in mind that you will be replacing food, not adding it to your food plan.
    So the more you spend in the produce, chances are you will be spending less in the
    bread, pasta, or cookie aisle.
  10. If you are planning on exercising, buy some good running shoes. This is one place
    that I really believe you need to spend some money. Find a store that will fit you
    properly, pick the right kind of shoe for you, running, gym, walking, hiking, court, or
    just good support. If exercise will be a new thing for you, take my word for it, your
    knees, hips, and back will thank you for new kicks.

I truly, from the bottom of my heart, feel that changing how you spend your money so that
you are spending it on healthier options is the best way to spend your money. From our
experience, one of our benefits is that we no longer have prescriptions to buy on a monthly
basis. Because of the changes we made in our house, my husband got off of all of his
hypertension, high blood pressure, acid reflux, high cholesterol meds as well as his CPAP
machine. These, over a 20 year period, were so much more expensive to pay for than the
way we spend our money now. Plus, I know that my husband will now be with me a lot
longer than was predicted. THAT, is the highest price.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the
day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.– Mary Anne Radmacher

Do What YOU Want to Do


So you are on your way.

You are making steps towards being healthy. Yay! You are even sharing your journey with some well meaning people in your circle of life. So, as a result you are now getting advice from everyone. “Don’t do this, make sure you do that.” Everyone has well meaning intentions, but some of the advice sounds like those people are asking you to move to France and join a group of travelling mimes… Not going to happen.

A very long time ago, when I first got pregnant with our first child I received the best advice that I could have gotten at the time and I have passed it along a lot and I have used it too.

The advice was; take everyone’s advice, and then in the end do what feels right for you, after all it’s your body.

Although ‘those’ people are well meaning, they are not on your journey with you. They may be passengers in your car for a while. They may be crucial to your ‘why’. But in the end this is your life, your body, your mind, your adventure, so make sure you do what You want to do.

This means a few things to me;

1   If you are a carnivore through and through, don’t start a vegan diet unless you plan on staying vegan after your goal is reached.

2   Don’t join a running club unless you like running. There are multitudes of cardio things to do that have nothing to do with running.

3   If you are not great at sharing your wins and losses in a group setting, don’t join Weightwatchers where they want you to share each week.

4   Don’t join a gym if you can’t afford it or can’t make a commitment to get there on a regular basis, there are a lot of places for drop in or things to do at home.

5   Don’t cut your calorie intake so low that you can’t maintain it, there are healthy calorie goals that don’t leave you starving.

Be happy in your adventure. Stay active. Enjoy what you eat. Try something new. Step out of your comfort zone.

“Live each day as if your life had just begun.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe