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Is It Good to Change?

Is it Good to Change? Q4fit.com
Should I Stay? Should I Go? Is it Good to Change? Q4fit.com

Change for change sake is bad.  But if you embrace the opportunity that change brings, it can be the start of something truly amazing.

One of the strangest things to talk about is change.  I don’t know why people seem to fall into one of two camps; either no way am I going to change or no change means no change.  

So, in the no change camp are the people that stay, at all costs, in the same job.  They gripe and complain.  They really hate going to work.  They complain at every opportunity.  They are, in actual fact, very poor employees.  This unhappiness doesn’t seem to stay at work, it always seems to float like a cloud around that person and everywhere they go, the cloud goes too.  Then there are the people that refuse to change habits.  They eat the same food, do their hair the same way, they dress the same, and keep, as best they can, to the same routine.  They make their ‘sameness’ seem like a badge of honor.  The change from their routines would seem like the end of the world. Another group in this camp are the people who refuse to change where they live or what they drive.  They would never consider moving where they live.  They don’t renovate or get many new things at home.  Their car isn’t the cool car that they are restoring and keeping it fabulous, it is the BEST deal they ever got and still maintain there is nothing wrong with it, so why change it.  They don’t hear any arguments that would lean them toward efficiency in gas mileage or changing with the times.  Nobody in this camp listens to the good reasons to change these items in their world and it is like talking to a statue to ask them to consider a change.

The other camp is the one that refuses to be consistent and jumps at the chance to change.  These people rarely stay in the same job for long, they may even go so far as to never have a career, but a job.  They are always on the move and hard to stay connected with because they are physically hard to find.  Some of these people are constant travelers.  They may have a home base but are out traveling as soon as budget permits.  They lack connections and long-term friends because that would mean more of a commitment than they are willing to commit to.  They have very few memberships and are rarely part of a team.  Sometimes owning a large ticket item like a house or a car is just too far out of reach for them.  Generally, these change loving people are hard to nail down to any kind of commitment.

Do either of these camps sound like you?  Most of us fall squarely in the middle.  We like a commitment for some things because it gives us comfort.  But for other things, bring on the new.  The point to all of this is that we need to find what works for us.  I have said that a lot because it is true when I looked it up “what works for you” appears in 40 of my blog posts.  When we find ourselves settling into a routine, it can be good.  It may give us the consistency that we need and haven’t been able to commit to.  It may be what we have needed for a long time and yet on the other hand, maybe we need to shake up our routine.  Sometimes we become stagnant in our routine and we need to fight to get out from underneath the boredom and complacency.  

Our bodies will plateau too if we are trying to make a change because it is easier to stay the same than to change, but if we want to change we will have to push a little harder, want it just a little bit more and work at it to make that change stick.  We may even have to realize that we may slide back, but if the change is that worth it, we will work hard to get back at it and push back and get back into the effort of change.

So, ask yourself; 

  • Do you really want change?  
  • Why do you want to change?  
  • Are you willing to do what it takes to change?  
  • Do you know what you need to change?  
  • Do you know what you need to NOT change?

Before you start on another new thing, make sure you ask yourself a few of these questions.  Make sure your reasons are clear and the choice you are making is the right one.  Shaking things up can be the greatest, yet scariest thing we can do.  

So, now go out there and either stay the course, keep moving forward, or shake things up with a change.  After all, what is the worst that will happen?  Really!!!


I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. – Jimmy Dean



How Do I Stop Giving Up

Believe in yourself quote. Stop Giving Up. Q4fit.com
Believe in yourself quote. Stop Giving Up. Q4fit.com


That’s it I give up.  I just don’t want to do this anymore.  

I don’t know how many times I have said that.  I don’t say it lightly.  When this comes out of my mouth I totally mean it.  And I know I have said it too many times, about too many things.  Yet, I know for a fact that I will say it again even though I don’t want to. So, how do I fix that?  

How do I stop giving up?  

One way for sure is to stop giving up and just concede a little.  Take a break instead of stopping.

We, as a rule, tend to go all out for most things.  The whole idea of pacing yourself or taking a look at rest just doesn’t seem to be something most people do.  Taking a break or a rest is seen as a weakness.  This is a big lie.

We are not machines.  We are made to rest after we work, so why is rest seen as a weakness.  I am really not sure, but it is.  Maybe the real issue is that we don’t know how to take a rest and then when the rest is over, get back at it.  We rest, feel the weakness creep in, and concede to that feeling and quit.

The other thing we don’t tend to do is really look at our progress in something and then realize that we need to change what we have been doing.  Years ago when we were growing one of our businesses, it started with only a few clients and then grew into a few staff, then to an actual out-of-the-house office, then more staff, a bigger office, and more clients, larger budgets and you see the trend.  As we grew, our needs grew.  We outgrew our bookkeeper, our accountant, our actual office, our everything.  Our personal growth is the same.

We need to realize that there is a reason we don’t do the same things now that we did in high school.  We may have some of the same friends but not likely all of them.  We have new habits, new wants, new needs, new goals.  We have different hairstyles, hopefully, do our make up differently, we hopefully are not wearing the same clothes as way back in the good old days, so its ok that our routines may change.

We, Doug and I, started getting our healthy act together over six years ago.  Most days I regret not starting sooner, but then there are days when I just want to go back to the sloth on the couch eating junk and being ok with that.  Sometimes it is just too hard to keep track of food and activity.  Sometimes it is too ugly getting up so early to get a work out in.  Sometimes, I just want to eat anything I can get my hands on.

But, that is all ok.  We need to shake things up.  There is a reason that a lot of nutrition experts and weight loss professionals now agree that a “reward or cheat” meal is an essential part of the process.  It is just how we are made.  Too much discipline is just that, too much, for most of us.

If what you are doing is not something that you can sustain for any length of time, you will eventually quit.  As long as you don’t quit forever, that is ok too.

We shook up our workout routine in the fall and I thought that I could handle the ‘new’ routine.  But, I now know that I can’t.  So, after a few months, I am back at it.  It felt like I quit, but I didn’t.  I needed the time to do some self-reflection.  I needed to reevaluate what I needed and wanted and to look at whether what I had been doing was the right thing for me.  Apparently, I needed the change and I wasn’t even aware of it.

So if you get to the point where you are ready to throw in the towel, maybe just keep it tucked away.

The race isn’t over until you have breathed your last breath, so there is still time to reach your goal.


Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul. – Douglas MacArthur


My Olympic Dream

My Olympic Dream Q4fit.com
National flags from Olympic countries

Are We Really Communicating?

social media the new communication tools. but are we really communicating

Do you know why I write this blog?  I don’t mean today’s post, I mean the blog as a whole. Do you care?  I hope it’s because you like the great info that I give you.  I hope it’s the research that I have found for you.  I hope it’s the insight from my own experiences trying to lose weight.  I actually hope that you are still reading this.

I was sitting beside my husband the other day watching him scroll on his phone liking pics on Instagram and I said to him, “did you even read what that was about or did you just click it because of who it was?”  He admitted to just clicking.

Unfortunately for most of us, that is the case.  We see pics we like and we click.  We like this business, person, or account, so we click.  We click because we think we will go back later and look at what we clicked and actually read that post.  But do we ever really do that?

The world of social media has changed how we do and see just about anything.  

If we are sitting somewhere and find a person who is not on their phone, do we wonder why?  Did their phone die?  Are they out of data?  Or even, why are they just sitting there looking at people?  Back in the old days before we walked around with our phones, that is just what we did.  We talked to strangers.  We would watch other peoples’ babies and smile.  We would feel sad when we saw someone sad.  We actually shared little bits of other people’s lives even if only for a moment.

It was interaction without invasion.  What has happened to that?  Does that workout even count if we didn’t post it all over all of our accounts?  Facebook, Instagram, twitter and the list is endless.  We wonder why someone doesn’t actually answer their phone when we may just use our phone for calling.  But that is because they didn’t answer their text or email from us.

We are now in a world that is perceived as social without actually talking to a person or having anything to do with them.  We have “friends” that we never see in front of us.  We don’t actually use our voice to communicate, we think things, type them, and expect people to understand the voice in our head that they never heard.

Although our messages are put out there, are we really communicating?  

Well, communicating is a two-way street, so if there is no feedback, then nope we are not.  We are just yelling at our screens hoping somebody else hears us.  This is the problem with social media.  It really isn’t as social as it was meant to be.

Why am I babbling on about this?  Because there are people who truly should be having face to face time and are not getting it because they are filling their time with screen time.  When we have less human time and more screen time, we start to lose our ability to actually be part of a community.  We become isolated.  We actually become lonely although our feeds are full.

Please be careful when you are looking to get out there and begin to interact with humans again.   

  • Choose your humans carefully.  
  • They should have the same motivation and should be so excited to meet you and support you.  
  • They should inspire and challenge you.  
  • They should inform you and learn from you.  
  • They should never make you feel less than the amazing person that you are.  
  • They should be honored that you chose to spend time with them.


Now, as my Mom would say, GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!

But just in case you still want to visit with people online, we are there, check us out.  We will also be in your email box if you want us to be there.  We will be waiting online just for you.  

We like you 🙂


We live in a digital world, but we're fairly analog creatures. Omar Ahmad