Weight loss, diets, diet plans and 'get fit' plans are such a hot topic. And with that comes a lot of hype, debate and misinformation.

We feel one of the key missing elements in the debate is the topic of lifestyle. In our experience, successful long-term weight loss and weight management doesn't come from a program, a diet, working out, a book ... it comes from changing your lifestyle. And doing that starts with a simple, free decision.

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Some of the weight loss and lifestyle topics, tips, and techniques you can expect to be covered by Q4fit.com via our blog, social media and podcast include:

  • How and what to eat: Meals and meal plans
  • Cheats and shortcuts (most are free)
  • Living proof: What did we do? What are we still doing?
  • Misconceptions, untruths and lies about weight loss
  • Supplements: What’s new, the science, what we use
  • Lifestyle: Why weight loss programs don't work
  • The information we intend to share around weight loss and lifestyle will be real life, plain english, easy to read, and most importantly, achievable.

We are here to serve YOU!

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