10 Commitments to Help You Reach Your Goals

‘Spring has sprung the grass has ris I wonder where the birdies is.’  

This is an old saying.  I have no idea where it came from but we have just had our Easter weekend and as is typical in Vancouver, it rained most of it until Sunday morning and the sun came out, we opened doors and windows as the temperature rose and we had the opportunity to enjoy spring like the rest of the planet that has spring.  We are not like the rest of Canada that seems to go from winter right into a super short spring and bam, it’s summer.  No, we actually get a wonderful spring.  We get to watch the trees turn my favorite colour of green.  That new-leaf green that only lasts a few weeks.  Then we see blossoms.  We have an amazing amount of cherry blossoms around.  The colours are truly amazing.  After a long, grey, winter, spring has colours that I wait for each year.  

Along with that is the sound of the spring birds.  I have come to realize in the last few years that I love the sound of birds.  When we travel, it is something I always notice and I truly love.  Even my wake up sound on my phone is birds singing that sound just like outside right now.  Love it.  

So as our world wakes up from the long winter, I too have wakened up and come to the yearly ritual of spring renewal.  This for me is usually a good house cleaning.  But this year it also means a time to recommit to getting myself organized.

I have written about goals, resetting goals, and the importance of having them.  And even for me, although I know in my head all this, I too need to buckle down and do as I talk about and reset my goals once more.  Most of us have our best intentions on getting things done, but we are human and life will get in the way.  We can let it derail us or we can push through and not let the other things distract us.  But there are times when we need to let the distractions take us with them and then there are times when we just push ourselves to the front of the priority line.

Today I am pushing myself to the front of the line.  I am getting down to it again.  It’s time to stop the distraction slide and get back at it.  So, here goes.   I am going to put it out there and let you be the accountability partners that I need.  

This is my commitment list.

  1. I am going to put my goals down in print.  
  2. I will visualize my goal at the finish line.
  3. I will put together a timeline to help me keep on track.
  4. I will put rewards that will match the size of my goal reached.
  5. I will confirm each morning, what my goals are for the day.
  6. I will not allow setbacks to kill my progress.
  7. I will ask for help when I need it.
  8. I will fall in love with the process, not just the goal.
  9. I will check my progress but not obsess daily.
  10. I will reassess my goal and progress again in one month.

That is my list for you to hold me accountable.  It seems easy, right?  These are all things that we get told.  These are all things that we should do, right?  If this is all done, then I should be able to stay on track.  YES, the right response is YES.  Anything less than that is too much self-doubt.  Even if you say it to yourself as a joke.  Somewhere inside of you, you will believe it, even a little.  Do your best to stop the little jokes about achieving your goals.  If you truly want to achieve something, then commit to it all, wholeheartedly, all in, 100%, all the way.  

So, to you today I say:  

  • I am all in!  
  • I am committed!  
  • I am wholehearted!  
  • I am 100% going to achieve my goal!  
  • I’m in all the way!

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. – Vince Lombardi

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