20 Diet-Friendly Tips to Survive the Holidays


Most of these tips are not new.  Most of these tips actually should be used all year.  

Most of these tips are rules to live by.  But who am I kidding, if we all lived by what we know we should do;

  • we would all be healthy,
  • in great shape,
  • live in the house of our dreams,
  • have the best job ever,
  • exercise regularly and
  • be so amazingly happy always.

Wake up, that is not real life!  We are human.  We don’t live a perfect life.  

The first rule for surviving the holidays is to relax.  You will never survive if you are too stressed about the food.  Just follow these simple ideas and you will do just fine.

Enjoy the food, enjoy the drink, after all, it is the holidays and they only come once a year.

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