29 Hikes to do in Your Neighbourhood in Metro Vancouver

We are extremely blessed to live where we do.

Metro Vancouver is a little wet from time to time, but it is rarely too hot or too cold to go outside.  As long as you can find a way to either stay dry or manage the wet, GO OUTSIDE.

There are a lot of places where going outside to exercise is a seasonal event.  There are so many places where when winter hits, it's just too tough to go for a hike,it's just too cold or too much snow.  Then there are the parts of the country where it actually gets too hot in the depths of summer.  We are in a very moderate climate and we choose to be outside as much as we can.  This list is a great help for our part of the world, but if you are not as lucky as we are to live here, either come for a visit or find a similar list for your area.  Believe me, these lists are not very hard to find.  Then when you do find your list, get at it.  and just do it.




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