5 Reasons Why I Love My Fitness Pal

New Year, new commitment level…again. We have all been there.

‘This time it’s going to be different’. Me too. It seems every few weeks and especially every new year, I commit to making a new start. This year is no different. For me, though, I know that although I am not where I wanted to be, I am not in the same position as I was this time last year and I am happy with that. I did not hit my goals for several things, but I did not slide backwards either. So, hooray for me. And HOORAY for YOU. Find that ‘thing’ that you did accomplish and camp on that. Don’t focus on what you didn’t do, focus on what you did do and then move forward. That needs to be your focus, forward.

My commitment will begin with a simple tool to track my energy in vs energy out. It’s not just about calories, it’s also about nutrients, fats, water, and exercise.

My Fitness Pal.

There are all sorts of online tools to use. Find the one that works for you. I have looked at several and I like this one. This tool works for me for a few reasons.

  1. It’s simple.
    I need simple. Easy to read. Easy to enter my info. Easy to see my progress.
  2. It’s compatible.
    My workout tool is Map My Fitness, so I want a tracking tool that will work with that exercise
  3. It’s accessible.
    I can enter my info on my phone and also on my desktop so I don’t have to enter my info multiple times or places.
  4. It’s well informed.
    When I want to enter a new item, it’s likely already in there. Most restaurants, if they are a chain, are there. As well, most grocery store food is already there.
  5. It’s adaptable.
    As Canadians, our measures are sometimes different on packaging so it’s nice that I can scan in bar-codes from packages, as long as the manufacturer has put that in their bar-code.

Don’t over complicate things. Set realistic goals. Measure your efforts. Celebrate your victories. Remember this is not just an exercise in exercise, it’s a whole new you.

Healthy is not a goal, it’s life. -Heather Morneau

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