5 Things Holding You Back From Happiness


I just love this video.  The ending is or at least should not be a surprise.  

People really should really pay attention to this little list and take the time to really study what each point means to themselves.  Personal happiness is so very important.  It really shouldn’t be as hard as we make it, but like most other things in this world, if it is worth having it, it is worth working for.

So, let these five things lead you to find your happiness;

  1. the courage to live ‘your’ life
  2. don’t work too long and hard
  3. courage to express your feelings
  4. stay in touch with friends
  5. allow yourself to be happier.

Please for your sake and the sake of those around you, do your best to find your inner happiness.  Your physical, mental, financial health will greatly improve.

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