5 Ways to Save Your Workout Clothes from Eternal Stinkiness

I was just talking about smelly laundry with my daughter and voila, this article pops up.

Smelly gym gear is one of my pet peeves.  It started when our son played box lacrosse as a kid.  That smell lingered forever.  Then he played football.  A little better until the year the team had a smellathon”.  For weeks, the boys refused to clean their gear or even shower.  I think some days I still smell it.  Now, it’s our gym clothes with the funky smell.  It looks clean the next day.  Sometimes it even smells not too bad, until it gets a little body heat and then BAM, there it is yesterday’s sweat.  I feel like I am always doing laundry and the worst thing is when it comes out smelling like it never made it through the process.  

Here’s hoping some of these tips help.  


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