8 Podcasts to Listen to While Walking


Map My Fitness is one of the apps that I use the most.  

I track each workout with it and it helps me to look back at my progress as well as allowing my trainer to see what I have been up to on my days away from the gym.  The blog site on their website is full of great info.  This post is super great.  I try to combine tasks if I can.  I can’t walk and text, ask my kids, but multi-tasking is important in getting things done.  

We walk, a lot. We have some super trails right out our front door or a short car ride away.  If I am walking alone, I try to make lists, solve the world’s problems, or at least write blog posts in my mind.  However, learning while walking is so great.  I look forward to logging in to some of the podcasts that I haven't’ experienced yet.  

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