About Health and Wellness

Interesting fact. In writing the content for this page, I went to Wikipedia and searched the terms “Health and Wellness”.

Here's what came back: The page “Health and Wellness” does not exist.

Interesting! But it does here on this site, to the benefit of our readers.

As it relates to our interest, we are speaking of Health and Wellness as it applies to us and our loved ones. Consider it a general overview of all things within this category.

Some of the health and wellness topics, tips, and techniques you can expect to be covered by Q4fit.com on our site, blog posts, social media, and podcast include:

○ Health and wellness: “The Industry”, the players, Big Pharma, medicine,nutraceuticals, government…

○ Whose responsibility is it?

○ What's popular isn't necessarily right

○ Misconceptions, untruths and lies about health & wellness


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