Are You Moving Enough?

I was reminded not too long ago that we don’t move enough in the course of a day.  

Now most of us would obviously disagree.  

  • Not me, I am so active, I am one of those people who spend all day on my feet,
  • If only housework counted as activity, because I feel I am always doing it,
  • I couldn’t be more on my feet I am always on the go.  
  • Of course, that is how we think of ourselves, but is your activity level really what it should be?  


We never see ourselves the way others see us.  We put blinders on and only see what we want to see.  Sometimes it is because we are too hard on ourselves and sometimes we are just in denial that we need to make some changes in our lives.  Either way, it's time to look at yourself, be honest and figure out if you really are as mobile as you should be.

Of course, it is tough to be in the gym all day when you have a job as well as something that resembles a life, but you don’t need to be.  What you do need to be aware of is how much movement is in your day.

One of the ways to do that is to purchase one of these new activity trackers.  Most are really simple to wear and use.  Most are based on simple movements and actual movement in distance.  Most also monitor your heart rate and can tell when your activity has elevated your heart rate into a calorie burn zone.

If spending on a new device isn’t for you, most smartphones actually have an app for this built in.  Now, you need to have the phone on you at all times and it is based more on your physical distance moved and it generally isn’t hooked up to your heart rate, but it's a start.  Let's face it if you have never paid any attention to the amount of movement you do in a day, anywhere is a good place to start.

If none of this is your cup of tea you need to be just a little more aware of your body and its movement.  If you haven't stood up in an hour guess what, it's time to move.  If you are just standing still it really isn't any better than sitting, other than its harder on your knees and your mind thinks it's moving but it's not.

If you have determined that it's time to increase movement in your day start simply.  Don’t make great huge leaps and bounds into running or great gym memberships, start simply.

Start keeping a journal.

  • Track time and distance
  • Keep track of your heart rate if you can.
  • How do you feel before, during and after

Make a commitment

  • Commit to someone how much you are going to increase your movement and what you are planning on doing.

Become accountable

  • Make sure you are accountable to someone or even to a chart on the wall.  It will help you be consistent.

Be consistent

  • Make your time commitments achievable so that you can be consistent.  Stop and start.
  • Beginning again in 6 months is not really helpful and isn’t what your body wants or needs.

Prepare to adjust your goals

  • Once you begin your new movement routine, be prepared to adjust it.  Maybe you were too ambitious and your time adjustments are making it hard to be consistent.  Make your times longer or shorter as needed.
  • Also, once this begins a habit, you may find that you actually like this new routine, so you may want to make it a higher priority in your week and you may want to add different activities to your program.

Make sure that whatever you decide to do, it is a little challenging, you enjoy what you are doing, and it is something that you will choose to keep doing.  Putting walking, running, swimming, golfing, bike riding, whatever it is into your new routine is a big step to a new healthier you.  Your heart, lungs, skin, overall health will thank you.


I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. -Joyce Meyer


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