Beet & Blueberry Waffles


I absolutely love this recipe.

When my kids were little, I baked nearly every day.   

  • Some of that was because I really love baking.  
  • Some of that was because it was really therapeutic for me.
  • Some of that was because it was cheap.
  • And when it was because we were having breakfast for dinner, I would colour my pancakes and waffles.  The kids loved that.  They never knew what colour they would be and it wasn’t long and they were never their natural beige colour.  But I don’t bake as much we eat much healthier and my kids are all adults.  Although when I do make them, they still ask for colours.  But, when the kids were little it never occurred to me to use alternative ingredients to make them healthier or a healthier way to colour them.

Putting berries on top is not a stretch for us because it is just one more way to get your daily fruit and veggies and it always fun when you add berries.

Looks like brunch is taken care of or it will be breakfast for dinner this weekend.

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