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How To Prepare Your Skin For the Summer and The Heat!


This is a great article to use as a foundation for skin care.  

Although it is written with one specific merchant in mind, the principles are there and are totally valid.  Let’s face it, we all need to take better care of our largest organ.  With summer heat right around the corner, spend a few minutes thinking about your skin.  It is going to be out there in the open for the next few months for all to see and for you to get it healthy.



Does Beer Offer Health Benefits?


OK, so this post, like the one that I posted on Sex, should be one of my husband’s favorite topics.

 It is not surprising that beer has health benefits, after all, it has been around for centuries and the chemicals that we fill our food and drink with these days has not been around that long. So, if its foundation is ‘real food’, then it must be good for you.


Like everything else that tastes this good, moderation is the key and this article does in no way give you permission to sit in the local pub and consume “healthy drink”  all day.


We are lucky to live in an area where micro-brew beers are in abundance and if you are a fan of the small batch brews, you are more likely to get even more health benefits than the mass produced beer.


So, cheers!!! ENJOY



29 Hikes to do in Your Neighbourhood in Metro Vancouver


We are extremely blessed to live where we do.

Metro Vancouver is a little wet from time to time, but it is rarely too hot or too cold to go outside.  As long as you can find a way to either stay dry or manage the wet, GO OUTSIDE.

There are a lot of places where going outside to exercise is a seasonal event.  There are so many places where when winter hits, it's just too tough to go for a hike,it's just too cold or too much snow.  Then there are the parts of the country where it actually gets too hot in the depths of summer.  We are in a very moderate climate and we choose to be outside as much as we can.  This list is a great help for our part of the world, but if you are not as lucky as we are to live here, either come for a visit or find a similar list for your area.  Believe me, these lists are not very hard to find.  Then when you do find your list, get at it.  and just do it.




Men: What You Need to Know About Weight Loss


There is such a huge difference in the male and female bodies and when it comes to weight loss, this needs to be taken into account.  

Most articles out there focus on the women, but men are just a sensitive about their weight as women are.  They just don’t talk about it as much.  I am not sure why it seems ok to make fun of a guy’s size when you wouldn’t dare do that to a woman in person.  When Doug was at his heaviest, people, usually other men, used to pat his tummy and make jokes about being pregnant.  Not sure why this is ok, but it happens all the time.


This is a great article focused on the guys.  Just keeping it real. Real simple.