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5 Signs Your Diet is a Fail


I feel like I have always been watching my weight.

When I was a kid, I weighed more than the other girls my age. I was taller than them at 12, but we all seemed to catch up in high school. As an adult, it was, in the early years, bouncing in and out of having three kids. But no excuses now and I am still studying it, wondering why I weigh what I do. I workout, I watch what I eat and yet still not at the weight that I think I would like to be at.

This is a very useful article. I read blog posts like I read recipe books. All it takes is one useful bit of info and it was worth the read.

This was worth the read.

Thanks Tommy.

5­ Signs­ Your­ Diet­ is­ a­ Fail

Can You Afford the Health You Have?


So it seems that a week doesn’t go by that someone that I interact with doesn’t complain about how much things cost.

Anybody and everybody will and does complain about money. Total strangers will share their financial woes, friends will complain on a regular basis and social media is full of pics of how much we work so hard and have so little.

Whatever, get over it.

We all live in the same world with the same ability to change things or not. I am not saying that things are not expensive, I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, I get the cost and expense of living. But, complaining at every opportunity won't solve anything and it won’t get us any closer to fixing the problem either.

Some people complain for the sake of complaining. That’s their mantra “ I am broke”. Those people will always be broke regardless of their money situation. Some people actually are doing all that they can and it simply is really tough to make ends meet. Usually you don't hear about all of their problems though, they just push through, doing all they can. But some people are just careless with their money. But, I don’t care. Please don’t tell me what to do with my money and I won’t tell you what to do with yours. UNTIL…

Until you truly want some financial advice. But, if that’s true, why are you barking at me? Boy oh boy, I am the last person to be asking financial advice from. Although, I have had my share of financial learning events in my life and hopefully never going to repeat them again. One piece of advise I do have though is this; if you are about to critique me on my financial habits, please be prepared for an actual response. Apparently people in my circle of friends and family seem to have a common opinion on the amount of time I spend in the gym and the perceived costs that go with it.

Here is my response to that:

As I have already said, my money is mine to spend, so don’t judge until you have walked a mile in my shoes. In the past several years, our lives have gone through some very radical changes, in nearly every way possible. One of the things that we actually decided to change was our health. We had been spending a small fortune supporting the drug and medical world. Although our children were healthy teenagers, we were unhealthy adults teaching them very unhealthy habits. Doug and I were both very overweight (Officially Obese) and he was on a lot of medications for a lot of very common ailments among people our age, size, and fitness level. We unfortunately, were average, we ate poorly, rarely exercised, drank too much, worked too much, and were heading down the path of a shorter life span. Once we chose to change our health, people were encouraging, until…

Until our changing outward appearance somehow made them uncomfortable. So, people asked about how much the gym ‘cost’ us. To me, the gym didn’t ‘cost’ us anything, it saved us. The gym saved our lives. We have been consistent in the gym for four years now and have been off of all medications and doctor recommendations for most of that time which has saved us more money than I can think of.

  • We don’t buy the junk food we used to.
  • We aren’t in the pharmacy every month.
  • We don’t need the orthotics anymore.
  • The CPAP won’t get updated.
  • Clothes are actually cheaper in regular sizes.

So next time someone complains about how expensive something is, hold your tongue and think just a bit. There is a large difference between cost and price, but, either you will pay for it one way or another. I would rather spend more money in the produce store than the pharmacy any day.

There are people who have money and people who are rich.-­ Coco Chanel

8 Ways to Banish Breakouts


Even as we age, our skin still has breakouts.

Although I am a long way from my teenage years where I had typical teenage acne, I still get the occasional blemish.

In our house we have tried lots of different remedies; from keeping hands away from face, changing pillowcase each night, to homemade scrubs and masks.

I believe the key is, as this article confirms, clear skin comes from the inside out.

Hopefully these few tips can help.

8 Ways to Banish Breakouts


9 Signs of Progress That Aren’t a Number on the Scale


I have battled with this premise for a long time.

I have even touched on it in a previous post;  The Ugly Truth, the scale is only one form of measure.

We, as a society, have put way too much importance on our weight. Well, we have put way too much importance on appearance anyway, but that’s another whole post. We have used My Fitness Pal for a long time and really enjoyed it's blog on the website.

Please remember that it’s not what you weigh that matters, nobody else can see your scale.

9 Signs of Progress