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13 Ways to Sneak in (More) Cardio


With the holiday season in full swing, this article that we found on Map My Fitness seemed really timely.

Try all or some of the tips.

Keeping mobile is the key to keeping your metabolism up.







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5 Foods to Help You Sleep


Are you awake in there??

You ever find yourself just nodding off in the middle of the day? Eyes still open, but nobody home? It usually is your body doing what you didn’t get done. Sleep.

Your body is a wonderful, miraculous thing and it will, in spite of our best efforts, make some effort to take care of itself. Sleep is a biggie. Most of us can and do complain on a regular basis that we need to get more sleep. Sometimes it is as simple as not being in bed long enough. Sometimes it is that we can’t seem to turn our minds off. We tend to think about all the things we didn’t get done, and things we should have. Then we tend to worry about the most random things too. Sometimes our bodies hurt. It is hard to sleep when you are truly hurting. Then, there is the whole portion of the population with small children who won’t let you sleep until they have moved out.

For whatever reason, hormones, stress, worry, workload, pain, we need to sleep more!

I just read a study that says 63% of Americans don’t get enough sleep during the week.

This is dangerous.

We know now that sleeping while driving is done more often and is more dangerous than drinking and driving. And lack of sleep leads to a lot of serious health problems such as depression and heart disease.

But before you run for a prescription or random drugs over the counter, in the drugstore, there are a few foods you can eat at home that may help you get a better night sleep.

1. Dairy  – ­ Studies have shown that a lack of calcium may make it hard to fall asleep. So have a yogurt, some cheese, or even a glass of milk. The melatonin in dairy may help.

2. Bananas –  ­ Most of us know that bananas are rich in potassium, but they are also rich in magnesium. Both minerals help relax muscles, therefore help when heading to bed.

3. Hummus  – ­ Hummus is made from chickpeas which are high in tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that is linked to sleep. Also, chickpeas contain folate which helps sleep patterns.

4. Fish –  ­ Certain fish are higher in Vitamin B6 which your body uses to make melatonin. So choose cod, salmon, halibut tuna, trout or snapper.

5. Herbal Tea –  ­ It has long been known that warm liquids before bed help to relax you but choosing chamomile or peppermint teas are truly going to help you relax and fall asleep.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone. –  Anthony Burgess

Do I Really Need to Warm Up Before a Workout?


Do I Really Need to Warm Up Before a Workout?

We, at Q4fit, do a lot of reading. Not as much with novels and a good blanket, but lots online. One of our great resources is the site we use for tracking our workouts. MapMyFitness has a great blog component on their site. This article is one that I found really helpful.


Patients ask me regularly if they really need to warm up before they work out. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, but you need to do it the right way. (I’ll get to that shortly.)

Warm­ups are crucial because they get your muscles ready for activity. Without warming up, you not only risk injury but you also get less from your workout.




David Reavy is the founder and CEO of React Physical Therapy and creator of the Reavy Method. David’s own experiences with the limitations of traditional physical therapy inspired him to develop the Reavy Method, now recognized by the Illinois Physical Therapy Association as a continuing education course for physical therapists. The Reavy Method creates strength through balance using dynamic assessment, muscle release, and muscle activation. By balancing the body, the Reavy Method not only brings patients back to their previous level of function but also helps them become stronger than ever. David is a board certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy with credentials from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Past and current clients include Matt Forte, Tracy McGrady, and the many clients that come through React Physical Therapy in Chicago, IL every day. Follow React Physical Therapy on Twitter and Facebook.

10 Tips for Eating Out


With the fall in full swing it really is the time that we seem to spend time with family and friends.

Halloween has come and gone, the nights are longer, but we are not quite into the ‘holiday’ mood yet. So we go out for dinner or drinks with no real occasion other than the great company. But, what does that do for those of us still trying to watch what we are eating?

  • Does that mean that we are bound to stay home?
  • Are we destined to eat only our pre measured, pre made, pre approved meals?
  • Or are we just not supposed to lose those pesky pounds.

Not necessarily.

As with most things, with a little prep, going out does not have to mean a huge leap off of the healthy eating train.

1. First of all, you need to give yourself permission to go out and enjoy yourself. We were not meant to do life alone.

2. Plan ahead if you can. If you know you are eating out this weekend, don’t eat like crazy all week. Ration some of your treats so that you can go out without worry.

3. Drink lots of water when you are out. Keeping your water consumption up keeps you fuller, so that you tend to snack less and helps to flush out what you end up putting in.

4. Have a workout that day and plan for one the next.

5. Pre eat. Make sure you don’t go out starving. Have a protein snack before you go. Chances are you are not going to eat right away and then you are more likely to make smarter choices.

6. Make a promise to yourself to stick to a plan. If you can ration your drinks, great. If you can commit to no dessert, even better.

7. If you know where you are going, check to see if their menu is on the web. If it is, do a little pre shopping. That way you can look to see what temptations you are up against and you can make a choice at home with no pressure and just enjoy the company you are with.

8. Don’t be afraid to order what’s not on the menu. Most restaurants will gladly make a few changes, salad instead of fries, bunless burger, dressing on the side, or veggies instead of potato.

9. Relax!! seriously relax. Studies have shown that you are more likely to put on weight because of ‘stress eating’. If you are going to go and indulge, then enjoy your time and get right back on program the next day. We don’t get fat from just one meal just like we don’t get thin from just one salad.

10. Time out with friends should be with people who are your support system. If they are truly your friends they should understand the journey you are on and should be supportive of your choices to not overindulge. Who knows, maybe others will join you in a little healthy eating.

There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments. – Chris Rock