Can Grocery Delivery Services Help You Eat Better?

In our area, grocery delivery service is expanding.  I found out about it several years ago and used it.  

I was preparing for some minor surgery and part of my recovery was that I could not lift anything heavier than a jug of milk.  Yuck.  So when I found this service from my local supermarket, I tried it out and loved it.

I have gone back to shopping in person, but part of that is because I am reading a lot of labels now and I actually enjoy doing it and I have the time privilege.  

The use of these delivery services I think is great.  I completely agree with all of the points in this article and when I thought about writing an article based on the same thing I thought, why, its all pretty clear here.  Anything to help the hardest part of the process is a good thing.  If having the junk food in the house is an issue for you, try delivery.

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