Can Two Weeks of ‘Clean Eating’ Make You Healthier

Pretty simple really, either it does or it doesn’t.  Well, maybe not quite that simple.

If you think that eating clean for two weeks is the solution that you were looking for and after two weeks you can go back to the pop and chip aisle in the grocery store, then I have a magic pill for you and swamp land for sale.  I believe that if you can stick to a clean eating program for two weeks, then the biggest hurdle has been jumped.

Just like most other eating programs, there will be people, experts even, that will totally disagree with each other.  But in the end, if you are eating a healthy diet of protein, veggies, fruit and grains, you're way ahead of the fast food, deep fried, prepackaged  diet that most people these days seem to consume.

You can’t fix a lifetime of bad eating habits in two weeks, but you can begin to eat better and you will feel better in those same two weeks.

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