Day 2, Now What?

So, it’s day two of my social media challenge.

Yesterday I got myself together, settled in, wrote down my goals and my parameters, found a new playlist for writing, and happily plunked away at my computer to produce the blog from yesterday.

Phew, that was easy, but now what?

OK, today, I’m at my computer. I don’t like the playlist already, change that. Where are all those great ideas I had yesterday? What happened to my motivation overnight? How is it that a good or even not so good night’s sleep can change so much? It’s like day two at the gym or at a new eating routine.

“Yesterday I did all the things in the gym that I set out to”
“Yesterday my food tasted so fresh”
“Yesterday I had such hope and promise”

This is where, even on day two, your commitment to change and the strength of your goals start to show. We can all start over. New job, new boyfriend, new gym routine, new food plan, new attitude, but keeping it moving forward until it truly is the new you is when it gets tough. We all like new things, but comfort is just so… comfortable. It has a very strong pull and it is so easy to slide back into the old bad habits. This means that even as early as day two of the new you or new me, it’s time to pull up the socks, dig our heels in and plunge ahead.

Now is when my planning will start to work. I had set out some ideas to make sure that I keep on focus. Now is when I will put my goals on paper and actually pin them to my wall so that I can see them and keep reminding myself of why and what it will look like at the end of my challenge. Beside, my challenge goals are my weight and gym goals. I have learned that I am a visual person and I really need to see to remind myself of what I am working towards and why I am doing this ‘change.’ I find that my self doubt creeps in slowly but surely and if I don’t stay with the positive clearly in front of me, that nasty little beast of self doubt will make itself right at home in my head and my challenge will fail.

Today’s to ­do list.

  1. Write down clear goals
  2. Write down timeline for goals
  3. What is my reward for accomplishing big and little goals
  4. Write down why I am working toward this goal
  5. What will things look like when I have accomplished my goal
  6. Find pictures to help visualize my goal
  7. Post on my walls
  8. Share my goals with my family, encouraging them to encourage me
  9. Stand back and look at what my goals look like

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
Zig Ziglar

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