Do You Give and Receive? If so, It’s Survey Time!

So, how many times do you actually listen when someone is talking?  

As humans, we truly rely on a little give and take.  We talk and we listen.  We give advice and then hopefully take some back.  We give gifts and then receive some too.  Most of our lives are all around give and take.  But,  if you have read my posts before, I usually have a but, do you really take the time to receive?  Really receive?

We would love to say “of course I receive, I am a great listener”, but do you really?  When you ask for someone else’s opinion, do you really listen to what they are telling you?  Or are you just waiting for that person to take a breathe so that you can have your say?  Most times if you are honest, what you are asking for is for validation of your own opinion.  Either that or you are actually wanting an opposing opinion so that you can challenge someone and get into a good old fashioned debate.  I am not trying to be critical of you, I am actually doing some self-discovery.

There is actually a very good reason for asking these questions.  We are in the process of wanting some opinions from you.  Yes, your opinions.  We are truly wanting your opinion!  We want to know what it is that you want.  Am I answering questions that you have when I write?  Am I writing about things that you want info on?  Am I way out in left field and you look at the blog post title and go, NOPE, not today.

Our goal at Q4fit is really what we say on our site;  We want to meet you where you are.  But it occurred to us recently that without asking you where you are and what you want, we are just talking about the things that we want to talk about.  How rude!  

So, we are asking:  

  • What do you want from us?  
  • What are your challenges?
  • What info do you want us to research?
  • Do you want more from us?
  • Who are we actually talking to?


We have done something about this little problem.  We actually created a little survey.  Nothing too long, nothing too invasive, nothing too personal, just a few questions so that we can begin an open and reciprocal relationship. You tell us what you want us to give you.  And we give it to you.  We will actually give you back what you are asking for.


So please, take just a couple minutes out of your day to do a little giving, giving us some answers.  Then, in turn, we will take your responses and then give back to you.


It really is important to us to know what you want from us.  


Please click on the link below to give us your opinion.


Q4fit Opinion Survey


Opinions are made to be changed – or how is truth to be got at? – Lord Byron


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