Celebrating Another Milestone

Today I am celebrating.      Woohoo!

Today it occurred to me that my new routine is no longer new.  This time last year, we, Doug and I, had just left the gym and the routine that we had known for six years.  We had started at that gym at a crazy time of the year but it would also end up being one of the most chaotic seasons in our lives.  

Seven years ago we were going through an amazing time in our lives.  We had some crazy great stuff happening. Our son was newly engaged and to be married in a few weeks.  One of our daughters was embarking on a year in school in Sweden. Our business was going crazy. But, on top of all of that, Doug was sick with pneumonia for the last several weeks.  So Dec 1 of 2011 we hired personal trainers and started on our journey to get healthy.

For six years we were in that gym no less than three days a week.  We changed our eating habits. Our drinking habits. We started learning about what made us healthy and what we needed to change in our lives to make us better people all around, starting with our physical health.  

But as with everything, the only thing that is constant is change.

We decided to change our routine.  

So, last year, we left that gym. As things happen we ended up being several months off of a gym routine.  Some of that was because we were really busy. Some of it was because we knew what we were doing, so, we got this.  Then complacency set in and we just kept moving on.

As the months rolled on, we both became aware that we actually missed the activity in the gym.  We missed being around like-minded people. We missed the physical activity. Even though we were active people, even though we knew that we needed to ‘move’, even though we wanted to go to the gym, we did what most people do, nothing.  We knew what we needed to do and just kept putting it off, until one day, we decided enough was enough, we were going to go back to a gym.

After a fair amount of looking.  After a fair amount of research. After a fair amount of soul searching, we made an appointment to check out a new gym. Port Coquitlam Crossfit.

So now here we are six months in.  WOW!!

From the outside, not much has changed.  As a matter of fact, I am totally upset with myself because I expected that I would bounce back into my routine and the pounds that I put on in my inactivity would just melt away.  Ya right!

I should know better but, I am after all not only human but a hormonal, middle-aged, menopausal woman.  I spend so much time online learning about why weight loss is so tough. I am always learning about nutrition and love my time working up a good sweat and with all of this knowledge, I should have my act together.

Well, actually I do have my act together.  But, my body is not always in agreement with what my mind wants it to do.  And my mind does not always agree with why I eat things that I know are not in my best interest.  And my tummy still yearns for chocolate, wine and crunchy salty snacks that make my body take on a look that is definitely NOT what I want it to look like.

I may not be entirely happy with the shape of my body, but I know that I am doing more things with this body than a whole lot of women my age.  For that reason, I am happy.

In the last six months, I have learned to move in a whole new way.  I am lifting so much weight. I am pushing and pulling and grunting and groaning and loving the whole process.

The gym that we now spend so much time in is so amazingly supportive that I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.  Not only are the trainers cheering us on, but the other gym members will actually ‘hooray’ us from across the room.  We may be the oldest couple in the room, we may be old enough to be parents to a lot of the people we spend our gym time with, but nobody makes us feel that way.

Ultimately that is what you should be looking for in your gym routine.  It needs to be YOUR right experience. Not mine, not your Mom’s, not your kids’, nobody but yours.

So, hooray for me!!  Here’s to another six months and many more to come.

Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order. – John Adams

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