Find Your Why

We all set goals. We all have plans. Sometimes the goal and the plan is to do nothing. Sometimes it is to take over the world. Ok, so take over the world, take a nap, build a new widget, open a new store, make yourself a better person.


Sometimes this is the biggest three letter word out there.

Lots of times we just go about our ‘routine’ because that is just what we do, other times we go and shake things up a bit.


Why are we living where we are, not just that house, but that city? Why not move? Why not try a new country?

Why do we have this job? Did we just fall into it? Short term job now years old. Did we go to school for this? Is it all we hoped it would be? Why not change what we do for a living?

Why do we look like we do? Is that the hair colour that you still get compliments on? When was the last time somebody paid you a compliment on your clothes? Why don’t we just spend the same amount of time on ourselves vs time on others?


We have all come to that place in our lives when it’s time to change something, but why?

There was an old story about a dog on a porch. He would sit there and moan and whine. One day someone came over and asked his owner why he moaned and whined so much. The owner said, “He is laying on a nail, but it doesn’t hurt enough to get up and move.”


Look deep inside yourself. It may take some time and some real soul searching. Some of the reasons we do what we do are obvious, most are not. And all are personal. What is a reason for me won't be a reason for you. I tried for years to lose weight, tried all sorts of diet programs, trainers, ‘stuff’, but apparently my WHY wasn't strong enough yet.

Ask yourself some really hard questions. You may not like the answers but until you address your WHY, you will just moan like the dog.

Ask yourself;

what would happen if I fail
what would happen if I did nothing at all
would anybody notice a change.
am I willing to pay the price.
what’s the worst case scenario

ask yourself;

what would happen if I succeed.
what would happen if I only made it halfway.
what would it feel like to find some success on my change
do I care about the cost if success is achieved.
how will I feel when I have succeeded

So find your WHY, then do what it takes to eliminate your barriers and push forth to a whole new you.

There are two great days in a person's life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.

William Barclay

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