Flash Sale from our Friends at Reebok


We talk about the fact that we are not supposed to do life alone.  That we should all have accountability partners.  But that also means that we should spend time with people that we actually like.  That we have common likes and goals with.  We are fortunate that we have found something that we like to do and that we love to share with you.  In the last few months, we have been changing some of the things that we do with Q4fit because we are learning more about what you want and we want to give you what you want.  It all comes down to common goals and likes.  

One of our common likes is Reebok.  We spend a whole lot of time in our workout gear.  Partly because we love to work out.  But the truth is actually that workout gear is really comfy.  If it didn’t smell so bad when I came home from the gym, I wouldn’t change. But because it does, that actually gives me the opportunity to put on some new workout gear just because I can and again because it is so comfy.  It also helps that I work from home and I don’t have office rules to worry about.

Reebok is one of the companies that we are partnering with to do things together.  

One of the ways that we get to show you how much we like Reebok is to pass on some really great deals when they send them to us.

Right now everything is ‘back to school’.  When I was a kid, the only part of back to school was the new stuff that my parents got for me.  We did the same for our kids and now that we are nearly empty nesters, why should we miss out on the new stuff.

So this weekend, Reebok has given us a crazy deal to share with you.  

Click on the link below and score a great pair of shoes for $29.99.  Yup, crazy good deal.

Don’t forget to use the code RUN29 to score the great discount




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