Food is Not the Enemy

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Do you feel like you are all alone out there with no support?  There are a lot of people that are trying so hard to make positive changes in their world and they are doing all the right stuff and yet feel like they are doing it all by themselves.

Anytime you are trying to change something you know that you will be up against resistance.  Even if the change is for good and even if everyone wants the change. But, the ugly truth is that we are sometimes our own worst enemy.

Weight Loss is hard. 

It will never change. Some people are never going to know the struggle of someone who has thought about how much they weigh, what size they are, if people are watching them eat, is this the right amount of food, am I eating too much or not enough, how many calories are in this, or can others see the jiggle that I feel when all I am doing is walking?

These sound awful and even hurtful, and they are, but someone who is struggling with their own self-image and weight loss knows all too well that these kinds of conversations that never really end inside your own head and yet would never in a million years say them out loud to another human unless they really, really want to hurt them.

When you want to know the real secret to lose weight you actually only need to look inside your own mind. Not your plate.  Not your gym. Not your fridge. Not your jeans. Not even your genes. The real secret to weight loss is…you need to get your own mind and attitude in the place that it needs to be to make it happen.

  • Anyone can order a meal and eat it.
  • Anyone can show up at the gym.
  • Anyone can get off the couch and burn some calories.
  • Anyone can restrict the number of calories you consume.  
  • Want me to go on?
  • Or do you get my meaning?

Until you truly ready to deal with why you eat too much, move too little, eat more unhealthy choices than is good for you and everything that you do to yourself to slow or halt your progress, you will never be THAT size and stay THAT size.

Food is not bad for you.  Remember that, food is not the enemy.  You really should not have that kind of attachment to any one or group of food.  Food is meant to sustain you. Yup, some of it tastes amazing. Some of it smells like you have wakened in a dreamland.  But until you can get a handle on why you are eating and when and how much, food will always feel like the bad guy.

We, as humans, have attached way too many feelings to the food we eat.

We need to stop using food.  

Take a look at the people you will see today.  Whether it is on the train to work. The people at work.  The kids at school. Even the people on the tv. When was the last time you saw someone who was actually going to die of starvation because they missed a meal?  Going hungry is not a punishment. Being hungry should not be a cause to grab the first food item you see and stuff it in as quickly as you can and not stop until either it is all gone or you are so uncomfortable you lost track of what you were actually doing.

It’s time to spend some introspection.  Being overweight is not normally a death sentence, although it can be.

When you are ready to start one more time, let’s make sure it is the best time and the last time.

I have actually created a “Fast Start Weight Loss & Better Health Guide”

You can download it for free.

We can and will walk through your journey with you.  As I sit here writing this, I am yet again, recommitting myself to my own goals and will be right there with you.

It’s time to live the life you were meant to live in the size that you were meant to be.


Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. – Og Mandino


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