Gratitude Physically Changes Your Brain

It’s sometimes funny how complex we as humans make things when they don’t have to be.  

There are times when life is just way too complicated and when you start to dissect it, you think, ‘nobody should have to deal with this stuff.   Then there are times when you take a step back, look at things and think, ‘why did this become so complicated.  It really is just so simple.'  In this fast pace world that we are all living in, it sometimes needs to be said just one more time, an attitude of gratitude goes a  long way.


I have written on this before, its time to have an attitude of gratitude and I have always tried to be gracious. Obviously, it's sometimes harder said than done, but when I found this article, I just smiled to myself and thought, I am so glad somebody took the time to study this.  More importantly than just the study getting done is that it is published for everyone to see the results.  The results:  having an attitude of gratitude is actually good for you.

 Honest to goodness, gratitude is good for you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for just being you.  I am truly grateful.

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