Gym Etiquette


This blog post came into my inbox this week and it totally could have been written by me. I feel exactly the same way.

I also really like circuit classes. As I am not really coordinated enough to dance, Zumba classes are out. I don’t go with a group of girl friends, so the talking in groups, gets under my skin. All by myself, if you are able to have that much of a gossip session, you should be at the coffee shop or juice bar and besides you are definitely not working hard enough, so take it elsewhere. The perfume thing I really don’t get. You are heading to a gym to sweat. You are about to sweat. Sweat smells. Why do you put perfume on to go to a place to sweat? I don’t get it. At all. As for sweating, we all do it. Some people do it more than others. My husband is called SpongeBob at the gym because all he has to do is show up and he is sweating. Me, on the other hand, I don’t sweat that much. I just don’t. BUT, I still come with a towel, and still wipe my equipment down. I think we have become a culture of ‘its all about me’ and therefore ‘we’ don’t think about other people.

People, please be considerate. Use some etiquette, manners and common sense. Oh and by the way, on your way out of the parking lot, use your signal. Just saying.

Gym Etiquette


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