Happy Birthday to Me!

Well here it is again, it’s my birthday week.  It’s not like I party for a week, but inevitably it will be a busy week.  

Sometimes it is Easter week.  Sometimes it is still Spring Break.  It is always my daughter Danielle’s birthday week as well.  She chose to make her grand entrance the day after my birthday.  So, as per usual, it’s a crazy busy week.  Busy aside, my own birthday makes me look back at the last year more than any other time of the year.  I started this age,51, in another house, I wasn’t a grandma yet, things were supposed to be very different than they are, yet, it’s been a great year.

Not only do I choose to look back, but I am really excited about this upcoming year.  We have been working really hard at Q4fit.com to make our site what we hoped it would be for both us, the creators, but also for you, our friends.  Let’s face it, if we don’t have you here checking us out, it would be a fun hobby and that would be it.  Looking forward, we have some really great plans.

We hope that what we have been offering you in the past will be just the start of a great relationship.  We have some real exciting new things that we have been working on all year.  When I started writing, I really hoped that other people would like what I was writing, but I was writing for two other reasons.  First, I was trying to see if I could actually write things that were interesting and enjoyable to read, but also the writing process became a therapy for me.  I started writing about things that mattered to me.  I was hoping that my interest and perspective would be something that other people could enjoy and benefit from.  I hoped that the research that I did and the things that I was trying to learn were things that you were wanting to learn about.  I hoped that my journey would resonate with other people going through their own journey.

This past year I have learned that according to Gary Vaynerchuk, please excuse his language.  It's his style of communicating, not mine.  His point is just too valid to discount. I am at the perfect age to begin a new business.  I have a lifetime of experiences.  I have been through economic growth and downturns.  He is right! I am so far from the person I was in my twenties that I could not imagine that here, at this age, I would be sitting at a computer pouring out my thought to you.  

Who could have guessed that I would start my week with;

  • A bowl of oatmeal, which I have never liked.
  • an hour in the gym being trained by an honest to goodness body builder, Leigh Brandt.
  • 100 weighted squats.
  • A shake with protein, apple cider vinegar, greens, fibre, and other stuff for lunch
  • An afternoon in front of a computer
  • A dinner with no potato, rice, or pasta
  • Falling into bed exhausted by 10 pm.

I am planning on this being a breakout year for myself.  This year I have been to a few conferences trying to learn as much as I can to make our Q4fit.com home as valuable as possible.  One of the ways is to continue to learn.  Learn about the business of business and learn about ways to get and stay motivated and ways to motivate others as well as learn as much as possible about getting and staying healthy.

I have set a whole new set of goals for myself and for our company and I will be turning to you for my own accountability and will use your feedback to keep me on track.  

So, Happy Birthday to Me and here’s to a great year of growth and year of great things to come.  


The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. – Oprah Winfrey

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