Having Obese Parents

I had no idea that my parents were obese…

A few years ago, I found a folder on my kitchen table containing information about Dean & Leigh Brandt and their gym, Body by Brandt. In that moment it seemed like a silly idea for my parents to pay money to have trainers come to our house for our home gym. Now, my mom had worked out with a friend years before, but that was just an off and on thing…I knew something was different about this folder.

My parents came downstairs and told me their idea of hiring this married couple to come to our house and train them. We had all the equipment…but it had been collecting dust from time to time so it did make sense to do it in the comfort of our own home. Every morning they had planned for them to come over, either a hot ‘supermodel’ or her buff husband would be in my basement training my parents as I got ready for school. A year went by and it was just routine. Soon enough, my parents were starting to look different and we were eating different as a family. My mom taught my brother, sister and I to eat proper and balanced growing up but things such as lean turkey, chicken, and God forbid…fish were becoming more frequent in our meals.

Year after year I could see my parents physically changing, but it didn’t stop there. I could see how much happier they were! With themselves and each other. They are the dynamic duo ­ supporting, pushing, and believing in each other. They started getting me involved and teaching me a trick or two about kettlebells and squats. Now we are all on ‘MyFitnessPal’ and ‘MapmyFitness’ tracking and living healthy lifestyles together.

mr. and mrs. morneauNext thing you know, my dad has dropped 50+ lbs, my mom dropped 30+ lbs, and now I have even officially dropped 20 lbs thanks to them and my Metaboliq shakes.

I am so happy to see my parents so passionate about something so incredibly meaningful that only they could change for themselves in their lives. It inspires me everyday. We are stronger now as a family than we ever were.

A huge thank you to Dean & Leigh Brandt for believing in my parents and sticking with them over these 4 years. Because of you, you saved the life of my dad on his deathbed and made my mom happy and hotter than me!

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