Let me introduce myself. I am Heather Morneau. I'm a mom, wife, aunt and co-founder in Q4Fit.com.

I was an active kid and teenager. But as most people can relate to, after school ended, so did most activity levels. As I went through my twenties, I had babies and never really went back to pre-baby weight. So by the time I was in my 40’s, I was a long way from my ideal weight and size. Over the years I'd tried all sorts of weight loss plans: Weight Watchers, classes at the local Rec Centre and well meaning friends' diet plans. I even hired a personal trainer and worked with her 3-4 days a week.

Every time I tried something new, although I wanted support, I was never willing to put my family through the deprivation that I knew I would have to go through. So I would make two sets of dinners and resent them being able to eat the food I couldn't. Or I'd start another “activity program” and then complain because of the time it took me away from my family.

Then the fall of 2011 arrived. We were crazy busy, I had a very sick husband, (Doug had pneumonia that lasted three months), a son getting married in a matter of weeks, a daughter studying abroad and yet another daughter just entering high school. My world was spinning too fast and so was my weight. (I was actually in the process of outgrowing yet another dress size.) As Doug was getting healthier, we came to the conclusion that we needed to put our health back of the top of our list of priorities. We hired a husband/wife team to help us get healthy.

My journey to health has been very different from Doug’s. Although we both had a lot of weight to lose, we learned very quickly that men and women are extremely different in so many ways. While Doug’s weight seemed to melt off of him, mine took a long time to move and I am still working on my journey of weight loss.

But we've learned so much more than we thought we needed to. We've changed so much more than we thought we would, are still in the changing mode and probably always will be.

So, here we are: I can shop in a ‘regular’ clothing store for the first time in years. I don’t get ‘the look’ from judgemental store clerks. I can buy more than just shoes and purses from the ‘nice’ stores. I am not ashamed to be seen eating something other than veggies in public.

My commitment to you is this:

I will continue to share what I've learned
I will continue to offer any and all support I can
I will share recipes, tips, advice and even have guests with their spin on the collective goal of achieving health and wealth.

Welcome to our Q4Fit.com community.

Heather Morneau
Co-founder Q4Fit.com

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