Hooray for ME!

I am not a person who typically stands up and says “look at me”.  

As a matter of fact, part of the process that I enjoy about writing is that I can do it and nobody has to see or hear me.  I am comfortable working behind the scenes and letting others take the bow.  BUT, part of this new process for me, is to step out of my comfort zone.  Having said all that, here goes nothing!  

Hooray for ME!!  

I am proud of myself and I am letting you all know that I am very, really proud of myself.  Phew, that was hard for me.

I am proud of myself because I sat at the computer one year ago and stared at a blank screen and prayed that when my fingers touched the keys, words would come out and that the jumble in my head would be clear, entertaining, knowledgeable, and concise.  So, here it is one year later and I am celebrating my one year anniversary for writing this blog.

We have had the idea for Q4fit, for quite some time but I had no idea how I would be useful in its process.  I am not a tech, not a computer genius, not super creative, but I really wanted to be part of sharing our journey of better health.  Apparently, the writing thing, is something that I can do.  

I am now in a constant state of “I could write about that, that would make a cool post, I should do some research on that, that sounds new, let’s look into that.”  I look at so many things in a different way and I like that.  I have so many new thoughts running through my head and I am learning some really cool information.  I am finding out some really awful lies that seem to run like crazy and finding out some hidden truths that should be out there for everyone to know.  I spend more time in front of my computer, so I have had to learn to prioritize my time differently.  I have had to learn that creative days are different than research days and different that editing days.  I get distracted very easily when I am writing and in order to keep focused, I need to block out the rest of my world.  When the door is open, all good.  If the door is closed, please, please, please, let me finish my thought.  I am always surprised with where my ideas come from and when I start writing a post where I begin is not always where I thought I would end.  

I didn’t think that at 50 I would be starting something so very new to me.  In the world that I grew up in, at 50 you are starting to plan for retirement.  People are looking at winding down their professional careers not starting to ramp up a brand new one.  I even heard someone complain a few years ago, someone who was being let go, that he believed that he could never find a job again at his age…50.  Oh boy, how things have changed.  At least for us in our world.  I saw a little video by Gary Vaynerchuk the other day that basically said, 50 is not the end, it’s just halfway through your life, so get up get going and start something.  COOL!

So, if you are thinking that it is too late to start a new thing, you are your own obstacle.  Get out of your own way and do it anyway.  What is the worst that can happen?  Really, how bad could it really be?  If you try and fail, then try again.  If you have never tried, try anyway.  That is what I did and I am so glad that I did.

After you have tried, try some more.  Try something new, something again, just try.  Please just try.  Never stop learning.  Never stop trying.  Never stop growing.  You never know where your big breakthrough will come from and if you never try it will never be there.  Then you too will be one day shouting, Hooray for Me!

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. – Norman Vincent Peale

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