I’m Officially a Bag Lady


This post is simply put shameless self-promotion.

A few months ago, I was at one of those home parties that we, mostly women, seem to go to. You know, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Partylite, this one was Epicure. A great company that specializes in spices, spice combinations and other yummies. While the consultant was packing up, I noticed her bags that she was packing it all up into, and commented to her that they were really great looking bags. With that, she showed me a catalogue and I was hooked. In a few weeks, I had my first party and saw first hand how really great they were.

My 31 is the company that I have fallen in love with. Over the years, I have looked at all sorts of home-based businesses that really focus on other home parties. But I haven’t been interested enough to get involved, until now.


At first blush, it’s just a bunch of bags and purses with some accessories thrown in. But, when I really looked at them, the quality is all there. The company seems to really care about the quality and have been really easy to deal with. There are so many patterns. There are so many different sizes. And, most are able to be personalized. The embroidery is done with some great colours and options.

We have purchased many for ourselves and have been giving them for gifts. We have just gotten the new spring catalogue and the colours and patterns are really great.

One of the greatest things about our Q4fit.com site is that I have the honour and privilege of sharing products and companies that we really believe in. We do our homework, look into the company’s we endorse and then pass them on to you.

So, please look at the stuff on our store and let us know how we can include things that you would like to see.

Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you'll be surprised what happens. – Charles Nelson Reilly

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