Is Orange the New You?

Orange is the new you, so they say.

So here we go, new year new you, new workout routine.  Each year there are a few new classes, pieces of equipment, and trends that seem really exciting and we run to try them out.  Maybe this new ‘thing’ will be the thing that my body will love and therefore I will finally love getting out there and my life will be complete, well, at least as far as being active is concerned.  Gyms are always trying new and different things to get us in the door.  But in the end it all comes down to getting in the door, getting our butts into gear and just getting it done.  There is a never ending supply of classes to try but what is it that we are actually looking for?  First of all, you have to enjoy it, at least on some level, the activity you have chosen to do.  But after that, why are we doing these activities anyway?

If you consume more than you use, you will expand.  Not complicated.

Calories in vs calories out.  Plain and simple.  As we were heading to the gym a few days ago, we heard about a few new fitness routines.  One peaked my interest and I have done a little research.  Coming to our neighbourhood is a new gym concept.  Orangetheory Fitness.  This new gym caught my eye for a couple of reasons.  I like to check out the new things.  I have been watching a couple of new gyms actually being built in our little neck of the woods (Gold’s Gym being one).  But, this new gym, OrangeTheory, belongs to one of our local hockey heroes, Trevor Linden.

Trevor Linden played for our Vancouver Canucks for most of his career.  He is kind of a big deal in our town.  Although retired from playing, he is still involved with the Canucks as President of Hockey Operations, he is also a business developer.  He has a chain of gyms, Trevor Linden Fitness.  So, when his name is linked to a new venture, we as Vancouverites, take notice.

OrangeTheory Fitness is a gym franchise that is currently in 9 countries.  It’s concept is basic;  “Base.  Push.  All Out.  Fitness, meet science.  The idea of Orangetheory is this:  a 60-minute workout designed to push you into the Orange Zone.  This create “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,”  or EPOC.  It’s what burns calories after your workout and gives you noticeable lasting results with Orangetheory Fitness.”



So, what does this mean?  It means that during your workout you track your heart rate.   If you know how hard you are actually working, you can work to your best potential.  Therefore burn more calories.  Therefore get more from your workout.    We have tracked our heart rate for a very long time using our Wahoo monitors.  One of the reasons was that our trainer wanted to make sure we were not going to have a heart attack during our workout.  But also, if you don’t see results, you are less likely to continue.  So, working at your best heart rate zone give you the best chance of seeing results from your effort.  That is how your metabolism works.


As I have said in past posts, find what works for you.

It should push you.

It should be achievable.

It should be enjoyable.

It should be something sustainable.

Most of all, whatever it is, it just needs to get done.


“I spend my time at the gym doing diddly squats” -Unknown

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