Is Organic Beer Really a Thing?


Beer is not one of my favorite topics.  Over the years, I have tried to like beer.  

My husband Doug, likes beer.  When we first started dating he had a hard time because I did not drink beer, scotch or coffee.  Over the years, I have learned to drink coffee and I love it, but the others, not a chance.  Having said that, in Vancouver, craft breweries or micro-brews have become a huge growth industry.  I understand the appeal, they are made in small batches, can be changed frequently and can be customized.

We have several in our area and although I don’t drink it, their atmosphere is fun.  But the idea of organic on top of local, seems like a great idea.  I have a feeling that although this article was published not long ago, it will soon need to be updated as these breweries grow in numbers.

So, raise a pint, and enjoy.

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