Learning to adjust

There are times in your world that you love routine.  

You know what you are going to do.  You can plan your day.  You know that there are going to be relatively no ‘things' to upset your routine.  At times like that, there is comfort…sometimes.  Sure you are more productive, more comfortable with your timetable, deadlines and expectations can all be managed and your stress levels can all be handled.  But what do you do when either planned or not, your schedule is turned on its head.  How on earth do you cope and still maintain some idea of normal?

It doesn’t matter whether the upset in your routine is planned or not.  Kind of like, stress is stress, it doesn’t matter the source.  The fact remains, you need to adjust.

We decided that we needed to unplug a little this week.  And by unplug, I mean, upset our routine.  It’s not that we were bored, on the contrary, we have been stressed to the max in the last few months.  We needed to change our pace and scenery and find a way to refocus.  

So, today, I am writing poolside.  I know, it sounds rough…not. And it’s not, but I still made a commitment to create blog posts and so, for the first time ever, I am sitting with my laptop beside the pool and actually managing to get this post and maybe a few more written.

It wasn’t that long ago, we had the attitude that work was for work time and days.  Gym, was for gym time and days.  And vacation was for eating as much as possible and as little thinking as possible.  Times have changed. We have a new reality.  We have learned to adjust.  When you are your own boss, you can work when you want to. You can workout whenever feel like it.  You can adjust your routine to fit your situation.  The key to adjusting is accepting that you are still in control of your own attitude and you get to decide to make your surroundings work for you or to cause you stress.  It comes down to a decision.  Most of the time stress is simply a result of not accepting the change in your situation.  Obviously, there will be times in our world where there will be events that blindside us and we need to totally give in to that event.  But the rest of the time, we do have some control over how we handle the change in situation.

We used to tell the kids that if they chose to have a good time, then you will have a good time.  I still believe that is true most of the time.  It comes down to learning to adjust if only your attitude.  

  • Decide to work with the situation at hand and go with it.  
  • Learn to give up a little control.
  • Choose to not stress over the things that are out of your control.
  • Give in to new situations.
  • Prepare to learn something new, sometimes it’s just about opening your mind to something new.
  • Relax.

You will never learn anything new if you never expose yourself to new things, so let go just a little to your routine. Give yourself permission to change things up a little and you will be able to come back to your routine with a whole lot more focus and a brand new attitude.

As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge. – Henry Van Dyke


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