Little Rewards Make Big Difference

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As we head out on a journey of change we know that there will be some things that we look
forward to in the process. We look forward to the first person that says, ‘Hey, have you lost
weight?’ Let’s face it, even if we haven’t been trying and we want to lose a few, that is the
biggest compliment we can receive. How does that little compliment become so huge? Part
of it is that somebody else has taken the time to think about you instead of themselves.

Ok, you have done really well. You have lost the first magic 10lbs. You have noticed that
your jeans aren’t quite so tight. Maybe even lost 20+lbs. Wow,amazing! Believe me I know
how hard even the little amounts are, so milestones are huge.

Is there a way to get that same feeling without going fishing for compliments?

Some people will…

Post every time they go to the gym.
Take pictures of their food.
Go on mini rants on Facebook.

But, I think it is more important to get that good feeling from within.

There is one thing that you probably have not really thought about….
Something that you probably don’t really care about, nobody else will notice…
Cheap and cheerful have always worked in the past so…..


Yup undies. Most women are critical about men and theirs. Its old, stained, hanging by a
thread, has too many stories with each pair and the same kind their mom’s bought them in
high school. But what about yours??

Most of us, yes me included, hate buying undies, almost as much as buying a bathing suit.

But do it anyway!!

Here’s why;

1. Your undies are probably old, so just do it. They should actually have an expiry date
on them.

2. As we age, our body changes shape. It just does, its biology. So what you wore
before you had kids, just doesn’t work anymore.

3. If you have lost any weight, now or before, you know that although we want it to
come off of our tummy, butt, thighs, it will come off of our girls. Yup, its true.

4. Most women either have never been fit properly or at all for the right size bra, and are
wearing the wrong size simply because they have not been properly measured.

5. If your girls are up where they are supposed to be, at any age, you will look slimmer.
When your bra is letting the girls swing low, it tends to look like just another roll on
your tummy. So let them sit up where they belong…above your waist.

6. Most panty lines or muffin tops are created because your panties just don’t fit

7. Like most things, it’s the foundation that makes the most difference. That applies to
what you wear too, foundation wear should matter, if only to you.

8. When you are having a down day, put on a cute set of undies. Underneath it all, you
will feel pretty. Each time you head into the ladies room, you will be reminded of how
cute they are and you will feel just a little better, and even in a little way, achieved
that good feeling you were hoping for.

And besides

“Do you have on clean underwear? You never know what may happen”

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