Love Yourself

Think back to a day that you sat on the bus, sat at work or dinner and all you could think about was, what was the person across from you was thinking about. They can probably see my (fill in the blank). Oh I didn’t do my (fill in the blank) this morning! Wow they are so much thinner than me. Their makeup/hair is perfect. I bet they have a good looking spouse. I wish I was that attractive.


Where is this all coming from? Did you really get so caught up in the moment that you missed how beautiful your hair looks today, that the person across the room can’t take their eyes off of you, that you have lost weight and it does show. Did you even consider that this person you are so worried about what they think…is thinking the exact same thing about you, or that they are so consumed in themselves they haven’t even noticed you? It feels nearly impossible to not worry or think about what others may be thinking…it’s practically an instinct. But if you were to go out and just focus on the people you are spending time with, the scenery, or how beautiful you are, would it be worth it?

Every week I teach girls and boys dance from ages 6-­13. To be blunt, the 6 year olds are not worried for one second about their tummy in their body suit, one another not having to wear glasses, or at all what they look like to others. That age is so precious when it comes to confidence. The sad part is that I admire the young girls and boys I teach more than the girls my age. They come and talk to me no matter what I look like, because it doesn’t matter to them. They know (from my experience) that everyone is beautiful, it’s not even a question.

Do you remember what it was like as a kid…before you identified yourself with the ‘flaws’ you think you have? The fact that it didn’t matter what you wore or who saw you.

I want my daughter in the future to love herself…and if I can’t learn to love myself for exactly what I look like, what am I teaching her? Can you picture a 7 year old girl talking about how fat she looks in her bodysuit for ballet, or that her eyelashes aren’t naturally curly before she is even allowed to wear make up? The thought alone kills me.

Sam selfieeee

Now, do something for yourself here:

1. Write down all the things you do love about yourself.
Is there something you want to be able to add to this list?

2. Write down all the things you don’t love about yourself.
Would you ever point those things out about someone else?

3. Write down all the things you want your kids to love about themselves.
Are these also things you want to love about yourself?

4. Which list is the longest?

I would encourage you to go about your day knowing in your heart how beautiful you are and be an example to all.


Samantha Morneau

I am a young girl who strives for happiness through Jesus, Family, and Friends. We were not made to do things alone, so let’s work at this together one step at a time.  “For Nothing is Impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Twitter: SamanthaMorneau


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