My Motivation Ebbs and Flows

I haven’t written in months and the longer it has gone, the harder it has been to get motivated to get into the swing of things.  Sound familiar?
Well, I guess it is some form of human nature because most of us seem to fall into this trap.  

Motivation seems to ebb and flow.  But the longer we stay away from our “to-do task” the harder it is to get back at it.

I am no different and even though I seem to have a lot on my plate, so do most people, no excuse.  
We have had some pretty significant changes in our world.   Which is to be expected, let’s face it, if things didn’t change, life would be so totally dull and boring.  Now, some of the things that we all must face suck. We all have some pretty tough stuff to deal with, but that is life.  We get through the tough stuff, then the fun stuff pops up and we forget about the ugly parts of life.
That is what I have done.  I sat to write today. I had no idea what I was going to write about because it has been so long.  One of the problems with not writing in a while is that I forget what I have just written about.

  • What was on my brainstorming page? 
  • What research do I have saved?
  • Then can I actually have words that have meaning come out of my fingers onto the keyboard?
  • The real meaning will be up to you.  You are still the reason that I write, so if I am giving you value, please let me know.

But the motivation for me seems to be like waves.  When it is going it goes well. When it is rolling it is hard to keep up, things just keep rolling.  But when you are waiting for a good wave to ride into shore on, you can wait for a long time. The longer you wait, you lose the reason why you are out there.  Sometimes you can see the shore but can’t get there. Sometimes you get on the wave and get slammed into the sand. Motivation is just too sensitive to rely on as the only thing that gets you going.  Sometimes you just do it and paddle in on your own.
For me, getting to the gym isn’t as much of a problem as eating is.  I like the feeling I get when my workout is done. Not just because I suffered through it, but because my skin feels good.  My mind is quite often clear, my lungs have opened and released so much tension and I feel accomplished. Then, the struggle starts, food.  What to eat, when, how much, is that enough, too much? Should I weigh this, measure it? Should I eat the same thing all the time? What is the nutritional content of my food? UGH!


I know that sometimes telling someone to relax is like telling air to get back into a balloon, not going to happen.
On the other hand, doing nothing isn’t going to get anything done.  Choosing to do nothing is still choosing, it’s just not a great option when you have a goal in mind.
So, my commitment to you is that I am committed to writing regularly.  Just like hitting the gym, I will hit the keyboard and continue to give you the inspiration you need to help you reach your goals.

Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.

Les Brown

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