Ok, You Gained Weight. These 5 Tips Will Get You Back On Track



So, I subscribe to lots of things.  I receive a lot of emails and I have to admit that I don’t actually read all of them.  

I think most of us are that way.  We say yes, we would like to get your email, then we never take the time to read them.  However, I get some of them just so that I can do some research and get ideas about what people are talking about and then my blog posts are relevant to what you all want.  So when this email popped into my inbox, it made me stop and look.  Ooh, the power of a good headline.  At first, I thought, this is nothing new, I have seen this everywhere and then it occurred to me, but do people still need this info?  And haven’t I written about this before?  The answer is yes to both.  We all are still looking for help and yes I have actually talked about this.

In today’s post, I will include the link for the article as I saw it online but I am going to show you where we have talked about this too.

It confirms to me that we are all on the same page, we are all seeking similar advice and we have come here to our little site and we truly are giving you the answers that you are seeking.


This is the abridged version with the main points and where to find them on our blog:

Our blog posts will be first, then theirs.

 Whether you are starting your weight loss journey, finding yourself in the middle of the struggle or working on maintenance, here are tips to keep you on track:  



  • This was one of my first posts to you.  Still true, two years later.  Start small, just start.

You gained weight…it’s a bummer, but you can’t harp on it: move forward. Stop saying “tomorrow will be the day I start.” Once you start you are closer to finishing. Most people love that post workout high, but the toughest part is starting that workout. On days I don’t want to work out, I tell myself to just do a little cardio. I get on the elliptical and push myself to the 5-minute mark, and I know I’m halfway there. Since I’m already in the gym and sweaty, it’s easier to talk myself into 10 minutes of strength moves, too. Some days 20–30 minutes is enough.

Apply the same philosophy to food and goal setting. Instead of focusing on the 80 total pounds you want to lose, put your energy towards the five pounds you can realistically lose in April.

The most exciting part is if you’ve fallen off the wagon completely, taking a few small steps typically results in changes pretty quickly.



  • Guilt should not even be a thing, we are human, we make mistakes, but moving on is easier said than done.  BUT, moving on is a must do!

It’s easy to feel ashamed, guilty and embarrassed if you’ve gained or regained weight. Weight gain happens, so shift your focus from the past and set your sights on the concrete actions you can take to move forward.

So quit beating yourself up over that cup of ice cream you ate late last night, instead focus on what you are going to do tonight. Have a banana, greek yogurt or string cheese on hand just in case that nighttime hunger strikes again.

Make attainable goals and celebrate yourself when you’ve hit them – strive for progress, not perfection. If you are struggling with intense feelings of shame and guilt this next tip might be especially helpful.



  • We see a mechanic, a plumber, a hairdresser, why not someone to help us with our healthy, preventative life?

Whether it’s a personal trainer, nutritionist, medical doctor or therapist, it can help to have someone holding you accountable. Depending on your situation, it can also help to sit down with a professional to unpack why you may have gained the weight in the first place and what you should be doing to make a change that sticks. If you have preexisting conditions, are trying to lose more than 100 pounds or have a BMI of 40 or greater, consulting a doctor ensures you are embarking on the plan that is best for your health.

For me, getting back on track after surgery required checking in with my physical therapist and surgeon about my game plan. It was important to learn what exercises were off limits for the moment and which I’d have to modify or avoid long term (I won’t be running any marathons or doing deep jump squats anytime soon and that’s ok).



  • Food is way too important to leave it to last minute choices.  Because we will always make poor choices when we are hungry.

It’s always helpful to plan out your meals when you first start to prevent you from falling back into old bad habits. Personally, I love to cook (plus, cooking at home saves money) and incorporate as many veggies as possible into every meal (even breakfast). If your schedule isn’t conducive to meal planning and getting groceries in advance, try a meal delivery service. My friend signed up for a paleo food delivery service to jumpstart her weight loss plan.



  • We are not supposed to do life alone, don’t.  It’s time to buddy up!

Tell your family and friends you are working on your weight-loss goals. They may want to join you, and even do a challenge together. Your family can also create an environment that’s more hospitable to your goals by keeping junk food out of sight or better yet, not bringing unhealthy food into the home in the first place. Sometimes it just helps to have someone to vent to.

Weight gain happens and weight loss is hard work, so don’t give up or feel defeated if you are struggling: You’ve got this and you are not alone.


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