The Best Exercises to Look Great Naked

It is never difficult, for me to find something to write about when it comes to being or becoming healthy.  There are so many things to research and foods to look into, so many exercises to tell you about and lifestyle hacks to let you know about.  But, this subject comes up all the time, even though my kids don’t want me to even think about it.  

What can you do to look your best naked?

Believe it or not, with all the empowerment discussions out there, there is still a large group of people that don’t like to be naked or at the very least be seen naked, even by their spouse.  Why not change that?  

To put it simply, the human eye only sees what it wants to see sometimes.  As women, we get obsessed with certain body parts but our men in our lives, don’t even notice that part of us.  Me, I am always looking toward my tummy.  I still am unhappy with it.  That is not uncommon, but my husband doesn’t even notice it when I look nice.  But, there are certain things we can do to make ourselves ‘appear’ more appealing.  It’s kind of like an optical illusion.  When we see a drawing that looks like one thing, but from another angle, it looks different.

To be totally blunt, if you are working out, putting in the effort and training all parts of your body, without even looking at you, I know that you look great.  Clothes or no clothes.  But if you want to focus on what makes us more appealing with little or nothing on, here are some great exercises to try.

For women start with:  

  • Basic Squats

This is simple but works so well.  It works hips and glutes.  Not to mention the fact that working your big muscles speeds up your metabolism for the rest of the day which increases calorie burn.

  • Hip Thrusts

This works the hips without working the thighs.  Keeping things nice and tight.

  • Lat Pull Downs

This works those arms and is really aiming at that pesky “ wave back flab”…nobody likes that.

  • Push-Ups

Working the chest is always a great idea.  Push-ups work the arms too, which is an added bonus.

Let’s not forget about the guys.

  • Bench Press

This seems to be an obvious one for guys.  It builds the chest and if you do it with dumb bells and add in an incline bench, will work the shoulders too.

  • Side Lateral Raises

This is great for those shoulders.  Increasing the back and shoulders give the “tapered” look which makes the hips and tummy seem much smaller.

  • Lat Pulldowns

This is your back workout.  Increasing the back not only looks great, it keeps your posture straight and helps hold your chest out and tummy in.

  • Squats

Don’t forget your squats.  Great, powerful legs are so attractive. No man wants to look like they have ‘SpongeBob’ legs.

In the end, the only body you’re going to get is yours, so you really should learn to look at it, admire it, love it, and let it be loved by your partner.  


I always say: To be well dressed you must be well naked. – Oscar de la Renta


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