The Last Thing Losing Weight is, is Easy

There are a few lines that get me really angry. Most of the time they are spoken out of ignorance but with such conviction and that is what gets me so upset.

It is hurtful to people when someone states an opinion that is contrary to yours when you know that you are coming from a place of knowledge and/or experience and the other person is just stating their opinion. The line that has upset me enough to rant about it today it: Losing weight is easy, just eat less.

The biggest reason this upsets me, is that it is never said by someone who has ever had to deal their weight as a problem. It is like a woman telling a man how to deal with shaving their face every day. Yes, women have facial hair. Yes, some more than others. Yes, women shave…not their face, but they shave. In no way does this give a woman an opportunity to tell a man how to do it, or how simple it should be.

In the same way, some people think that they have the answer as to why others are overweight. Most people who are adults struggling with their weight have been doing it a long time and will likely be doing it the rest of their life. Gaining weight is something that does not happen in two weeks on vacation and it simply will not be solved that quickly either. Even if someone loses the weight that they want to. Even if someone gets to the size that they want to. Even if they have hit all of their targets, there will be that part of their mind that will always be concerned with the fact they may bounce right back to where they began or worse.

Losing weight is mostly mental. You can join any gym, sign up for every eating program, do whatever cleanse, club, group, latest craze, but if you are truly not ready, I’m very sorry, but it won’t work. You may lose some, but if our heart of hearts isn’t there, it won’t last.

When people have the attitude that it is easy, it is painfully obviously that it has never been a problem for them. The hardest part of that is that you know it, but they don’t. They may truly think that those 5 pesky pounds that haunted them before fitting into that dress qualifies them, but it doesn’t. Even personal trainers aren’t exempt. They may have the best of intentions, but again, they have the tools but no real empathy.

So, what do we do with that? There will always the know­it­alls out there. So?

We need to look deep inside and find our solution there, inside.
Maybe the best solution is to make it look easy.

  • Take bite-sized steps toward getting your mind, heart, and attitude in the right place before jumping into the first program that you see.
  • Deal with the stuff on the inside that may need to be dealt with first before dealing with the food.
  • Set some realistic goals that work for you and are both achievable yet not easy.
  • Find true support to help you through your journey to new health, not the negative Nelly, truly the positive person.
  • Do it for yourself, just YOU.

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” ~Old Chinese Proverb

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