Where are Your Resolutions Now?


Where are your Resolutions Now?

Ok, so here we are at the end of February. For a really large part of the country, they are still covered in snow. Here, in Vancouver, we have had a very mild winter. We are still waiting for any real snow. It may not come. We have had lots of winters like that. We are about to float away with all the rain, but at least we don't shovel it.

Spring is right around the corner and with that, we will all of a sudden be thrown into summer and swimsuit season. Scary right??

So, where are you on your new year new you resolution?

Are you still at it?

Have you slowed down?

Is it long gone?

Don't panic if your plan has changed. It’s kind of funny that we think that the calendar tells us what we should be doing. For instance, everyone knows you can’t start a new diet on any day other than Monday. Once you mess up on your eating plan for the day you may as well just stop and wait until the next day to start again. The new year is the only time of the year to start a new exercise program.

If you are still on course, that is truly amazing. You are really fantastic. Good for you.

Here are some unsettling numbers;

  • 1⁄3 of the people who make resolutions quit before the end of January.
  • 73% of the people who made resolutions gave up before they even started.
  • 66% of the resolutions are fitness goals.
  • Most people who make fitness goals as resolutions have made them 4 times before.
  • Only 8% of the people who make resolutions, actually achieve them.

These stats are really quite sad but at least we are not alone in our quest to be healthier. But that also means that if you have become one of the many and are no longer keeping your resolution alive, what now? One of the best things about this list is that it means the gyms are quite empty again. The other good news is that by reading this, it means that you still have a better you in mind. Cool.

Start again. Don’t wait for Monday. Don’t wait until next January. Don’t wait so long that your body say, nope, not going to do it.

When Doug and I started our journey, we were waiting for only one thing. That thing was, the doctor to tell Doug that he could get back engaged in life again after being bedridden with pneumonia for three months. Well, actually we didn’t wait really, the doc appointment was made and so was the interview with the personal trainer. Once the trainer decided to take us on, we started. It was the beginning of December. Our oldest daughter had left for school in Sweden for a year, we were two weeks away from our son’s wedding, obviously three weeks until Christmas, and in the beginning of the largest financial turmoil of our lives.

Here we are four years later, and guess what, unless we had died, the four years would have come and gone anyway. People have told us that we were crazy about what we did. But we didn’t see that we had a choice. It was time. You need to decide that regardless of anything else, it’s time. Just make a decision and do it. Time is going to pass anyway, you may as well get in shape as it moves along.

If you feel like there's something out there that you're supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it. – Wanda Sykes

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