Where do you find Inspiration


As I sat to write this week, I needed to find some inspiration.

So as I often do, I went to Pinterest. That is the one place on the web that inspires me in so many ways. I can look up just about anything and someone has pinned something about it. That process got me thinking, where do YOU go to find inspiration.

There seems to be no shortage of pics with great quotes on them posted everywhere. Google the word ‘inspiration’ and about 750,000,000 results pop up. WOW, that should keep us inspired and motivated forever. And yet……

The reason that there are so many places to find inspiration is because we all need it. Nobody is exempt. We all have great intentions to do all and be all. But that is not real. Life is messy. Things don’t go as planned. This isn’t new info. But, most of us just hide ourselves away and hope that ‘it’ will all just go away. We will wake up tomorrow and the problems of yesterday will simply vanish as we sleep. Yeah right, so will my wrinkles.

So if we all struggle, why do we have troubles finding what will get us out of that funk? Simple, WE ARE HUMANS, therefore not perfect. We should never be ashamed to seek help. As babies and toddlers, we all, on a regular basis, sat crying with our hands in the air waiting to be picked up and soothed. So, when did that change and why? The need is still there even though we are older, we are still humans.

Where, then, do we look for inspiration.

1. Family and friends ­ seems obvious, but not everyone has support from family and friends, if it’s not there, keep looking.

2. Support groups ­ there are endless online groups, including ours, Q4fit wants to be there for you.

3. Clubs ­ if you have joined a team or club, you have built in support.

4. Gyms ­ even drop in gyms have both staff and other people to seek out.

5. Online ­ may seem lame, but there are so many images and pics especially on Pinterest.

6. Yourself ­ sometimes you just need to put on your grown up pants, suck it up and just do ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is.

7. Historical figures ­ so many come to mind, Terry Fox, Rick Hansen, Nick Vujicic, Anne Frank, Stephan Hawking, Benazir Bhutto and the list goes on.

In a post not long ago, Aug 13, to be precise, we at Q4fit, shared an amazing video on inspiration. That’s what we called the post, Inspired. It just can’t be described in any other way than inspirational. Arthur Boorman had no reason to believe that he could fix his own situation, yet he did. Thinking about that video and that man, gets me going.

The main thing about finding what works for you is knowing what you are looking for.

● Start looking.

● Talk to people.

● Share your journey.

● But most importantly, let’s agree, then, to inspire each other.

● Be the inspiration for someone else, anyone else.

You don’t know these days with social media and the need to share, who is watching and looking for inspiration.  They may actually find it in you!


The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of will.– Vince Lombardi

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