Which is More Important: Sleep vs Exercise


This is actually a pretty constant issue in our house.  Doug NEEDS more sleep than I do.  

It is just that simple.  I am not a night owl, but I do seem to function quite well on less sleep than he does.  Having said that, I do not do mornings well.  So, if I am up early for a workout, it does take me a long time to become social or even just pleasant.  We actually do discuss this issue quite a lot.  And for us, we find that even though I get up earlier than he does on the weekend, we still need to rest.  Especially as we age, and are trying to keep up with the youngsters at our gym, rest is a very large part of our muscle recovery and besides, there is some peace knowing that I no longer have to wake up and feed children and get them out the door to school.  We are done with that part of our lives and if we choose to sleep, let sleeping dogs lie.



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