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The Immortality Herb™
Doctors and scientists today are gleaning wisdom from the past to find answers for our future—and Qivana is at the forefront of delivering these natural solutions. Qivana is the first company in the world to build a product system based on the traditional wisdom and power of this legendary herb: the Immortality Herb™. While little is known about the Immortality Herb in the Western World, the Chinese have treasured this botanical for centuries for its therapeutic value. Its benefits in the Eastern World are so widely known and accepted that it is used by doctors and hospitals as a valuable medicine, and it was recently named as one of the ten most important tonic herbs at an International Conference on traditional medicine. As further evidence of its significance, it has been called xincao, or “immortal grass,” and in the United States it is known as “miracle grass”, or the Immortality Herb. Now, backed by the validation of modern-day research and dedicated scientists, this “miracle grass” has emerged as one of the most preeminent and promising natural solutions for our 21st century health concerns. The research on the Immortality Herb has exploded in the last few decades and medical experts are now recognizing it as a key component of a modern health regimen. Scientific research is showing the Immortality Herb’s rare ability to support multiple systems of the body including the nervous system—brain function, memory, and neuronal re-generation; the cardiovascular system—maintaining healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and fat levels; and balancing metabolic functions—promoting energy and fighting fatigue, and much more*. This herb’s extraordinary abilities are in large measure from its abundant supply of saponins. In fact, the Immortality Herb has the largest number and greatest diversity of saponins in the world. Saponins are potent phytonutrients with a host of demonstrated benefits in humans. The PubMed database lists over 8,000 independent research papers that explore and explain the benefits of these saponins.


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VIDEO – QORE makes aging easy with a very practical daily regimen offering nutrients tailored to your body’s key systems—your heart, immune system and digestive tract.

This short video features information about Ancient Herbs and Modern Science coming together for your health.  (0.48 minutes)

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