I am a Certified Nutrition Coach!

I am a certified nutrition coach!


You might say, that’s nice, so what?

That means I can help you learn to eat in a way that helps your body perform the way it was meant to.

Well, for me, that’s a big deal.  

First of all, I never thought that I would ever want to go back to school, even in an online school.  Once out of high school, I did go to college.  I did take some classes through work after that, but once I became a Mom, my whole world changed, and my focus was on my family.

That was a long time ago now.  My kids are all grown and I am now watching my grandkids grow.  So part of me actually thought that I would be too old to take on ‘new learning’.

That seems to be a theme for me, I lack self-esteem.  That, however, is another blog post.  

I had been working out in the gym consistently for a few years and had started writing and I felt that there was more that I needed to do.  I asked around, what was the next step that I should take?  Should I look into personal training or nutrition training?  I was drawn to nutrition training.

For the first time in over thirty years, I was eager to learn more.  It wasn’t until I really thought about taking some courses that I realized that I had been learning all sorts of new stuff in the last few years.  

  • Going to the gym was a new thing when I started and I really loved the gym experience.  
  • I had managed to raise three kids and learned all sorts of things for them.  
  • I had learned to cook and bake, clean, and garden.
  • Writing for you on this blog, boy that was a stretch.

I was ready to learn more about what we eat, how it makes our bodies work, and push my mind to the next level in learning.

Precision Nutrition came very highly recommended.  I did my research and jumped in, well maybe tiptoed in.

Admittedly the course took me longer than I wanted it to, but that was not because I couldn’t keep up, it was because of life kind-of intercepted my focus.  But once I got back on track, my mind loved the learning and I managed to soak up all they had to teach me.

What’s next?

With my new-found title, Nutrition Coach, I have the knowledge to create meal plans to help people clean up their eating habits.  If that means losing weight, I can help.  If that means having a more focused eating plan, fewer carbs, fewer animal products, higher energy, even gaining weight, I can help.  I can help you eat clean.  Eat less processed foods.  I can even help you to learn how to shop, groceries that is.

Most of us have grown up in a time where easy, quick, simple was the goal of our meals.  Moms had gone back to work and the world still put the responsibilities on their shoulders to work full time and feed the family too.  So meals were quick, lacking nutrition, and the meal’s goal was just to feed.  

Also, most of us really never learned what food does to us and for us.  We don’t know why we should eat … fill in the blank.  Most of us go to the doctor for advice and they are supposed to have all the answers.  I believe we should know what it takes to feed ourselves.  Now, more than ever I completely understand that.

I hope you will come along with me and focus on the ways that we can learn to eat cleaner, healthier, heal our bodies through food, and enjoy the journey of healthy eating.

Nutrition is so important. It can't be stressed enough.

Dwayne Johnson

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