Write for us – Q4fit.com Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Q4fit.com Guest Blog Post Guidelines

We are looking for guest bloggers who want to share knowledge in their areas of expertise within health & wellness, weight loss, nutrition, and fitness.

Specifically, we’re looking for people who can address common health & wellness, weight loss, nutrition, and fitness challenges such as getting started, success stories (how you did it), health and nutrition facts & tips.


What we need before you write

If you want to write for us, please send us a fully written draft with a well-thought headline. We can only accept original content.


Types of posts we love for our readers

Strategy Posts:

  • These kinds of posts lay out the how to ………. They have a point of view and often challenge commonly held beliefs such as “when it comes to weight loss for menopausal women, it’s all about ….”. They pose questions our readers should think about and answer for themselves. These posts aim to persuade and use evidence to back up a point of view (instead of just informative).
  • They help people plan and work toward better health, and weight loss.   They can touch on how individuals can take responsibility for their health & wellness. They can teach about food & diet, fitness & exercise, sleep …

Tactical/How-to Posts:

  • These posts are focused on tips that help our readers achieve quick wins, and help people master life habits for health, wellness, and weight loss. They always link to other helpful resources. They feature specific examples. These are often “lists”, or “how-tos”, or “10 Ideas for….”, or “5 Steps to….”.  
  • If you choose to send us a How To Post, please provide actionable tips, examples, data to back up your claims.


How to submit your pitch

Email it to [Editorial @ q4fit.com], your subject line should be “Guest Blog Pitch: [working title]” with a draft or a detailed outline. We will get back to you in a few days on whether we accept your pitch. Keep in mind it may take longer depending on our workload.

Once we accept your pitch

We’ll need these specific elements in your article:

  • You must submit only original content. A bit of repurposing is understandable, but we look for new developed material.
  • Article content should be written in a friendly and professional tone. This includes great vocabulary, that has a good flow. Keep in mind that our type of content is focused on everyday people like you and I with busy lives.
  • The length of your article should be at least 700 – 2000 words. You can include inbound and outbound links. Our editorial team has the right to revise your article.
  • If you refer to a study or research that is previously published by others, the source should be properly cited with credit given to the original author.
  • Images and graphics are welcomed as long they contain useful information. (Images should be 240×180 and have photo credit attached)
  • Your article should not contain sales motives or business promotion. We want your guest blog post to focus on teaching and inspiring others, not be an advertisement.
  • Any external links to other products and services should only be mentioned in a natural way to support a particular point in your article.
  • We always reserve the right to make edits.
  • A short bio that includes:
  • Your full name or author name.
  • A short description of your job such as “Social Media Guru”
  • A clear picture of you that is in JPG or PNG format.
  • A description of yourself no more than 200 characters which explain your current occupations or hobbies
  • Your social media handles from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and a link to your website or blog. You can send us all five or just one, your choice.


When you’re published

We will send you the URL. We encourage you to promote your post on publishing day. This could be on social networks, on your website or be sharing through email.


Please keep in mind

Failure to adhere to these guidelines or submit by the due date we assign to you may result in delay or loss of publication position. We reserve the right to determine quality for Q4fit’s blog and will reject posts that do not meet our quality standards. Submission of a post does not necessarily guarantee publication.

If you have any further questions, please email us at [HeatherMorneau @ Q4fit.com]